Shell’s Investment In Lanzajet, A Bid To Increase Green Jet Fuel Production

The sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) market is minute, accounting for only 0.01% of jet fuel used worldwide, according to S&P Global Platts. Shell is slowly reducing its refining efforts and directing its expenditure on its low-carbon business projects. This step is expected to help the company accomplish its 2050 net-zero goal. Anna Mascolo, president at Shell Aviation, says, “Our experience in supply chain optimization, sales, and marketing strategies, and access to feedstocks will help Lanzajet’s creation of a sustainable business.

In addition to sustainability, the bio-jet producer will create robust yet scalable commercial ventures that support our clients’ zero carbon emissions goals for years to come.” In February 2021, Shell revealed its new strategy following last year’s price collapse, increasing pressure to avoid fossil fuels and the COVID-19 crisis. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for ways to make your business greener, below are a few tips to guide.

Incorporate Green Thinking In Your Company’s Culture

To succeed in your sustainability goals, you need to discuss your new vision with your employees. Get your workers’ input on how making your business green helps the community or enhances your customer’s experience. Work together to create goals that improve efficiency while reducing your organization’s carbon emissions. Also, engage your staff in finding ways to measure savings. This step makes your employees feel valued, and in turn, they’ll embrace your sustainability objective and strive to achieve the best results.

Invest In Environmental-Friendly Cleaning Products

As much as traditional cleaning products make your office smell fresh and clean, they are harmful to your health and the planet. With this in mind, consider changing dish detergents, hand soaps, and washroom cleaners with eco-friendly brands. Also, invest more in green window cleaning services to keep your office clean and healthier. Some of the advantages of embracing green cleaning include improved respiratory health and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  

Embrace Cloud Computing

As a business owner, you should reduce travel costs, energy consumption, and printing costs. And one of the best ways to achieve pleasing outcomes is moving to the cloud. Cloud computing software like Microsoft 365, Apple iCloud, and Google Apps, such as docs, sheets, and slides, allow employees to store, share, and access data from any location. This move reduces the need to travel to the office and eliminates printing. 

Making your business greener isn’t as challenging as many people assume. You only need to set sustainable goals and engage your staff in your plan. Aim to make sustainable thinking an integral part of your business strategy, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and move to the cloud. 

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