Shay Sane: The Influencer You Need to Know!

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “travel”? Is it vacation? Instagram-worthy pictures? Or golden sunsets and breathtaking sights? Or maybe meeting new people and thrilling experiences? 

While traveling can cause a rush of serotonin throughout your body and be exhilarating, it is much more than watching the golden rays of the sunshine peak through pinkish-blue skies or sipping on piña coladas with your toes dipped in sand and water. 

It’s no secret that many women worldwide make countless plans in their life, including travel, but never follow them through. 


Well, what they may lack is the right influence. 

Calling out all women of the black community who want to turn things around for themselves, here is the influencer you need to follow to push you to make your dreams come true. 

We are talking about one of the best influencers from the black community—Shay Sane. 

Who is Shay Sane? 

Shay Sane is a fierce, independent woman belonging to the black community who takes on more than one role as an entrepreneur and an influencer. Not only is she the founder of Black Girls On The Go®s (BGOTG), but she is also the ambassador for the Invisible Disabilities Association. 

While society threw countless challenges at her, she successfully conquered them and broke free of the limitations that held her as a black woman. Just like every woman in the black community, Shay Sane had to go through countless hardships, which affected her mental health. However, after years of finding herself and battling these struggles, she found solace in traveling. 

After healing from her troubles, she realized that all women needed was encouragement. And that’s when her journey to becoming an influencer began. She believes the benefits of the proper influence run deeper than just helping you achieve your goals; it can help black women heal from years of generational trauma. 

Shay Sane: The Influence Black Gals Need 

If you are a black woman who needs a break from her exhausting life and wants to press pause on the hardships and just focus on herself, Shay Sane is the perfect influence you need in your life. As an influencer, this black woman has genuinely made a place for herself in society and helped uncountable women of the black community embark on life-altering journeys.

Shay Sane isn’t your usual influencer; she encourages black women for the better in all aspects of their life. That is why she brought Black Girls On The Go® (BGOTG) into being—a ground-breaking platform driven to help black women accomplish a peaceful mind, body, and soul through diverse ways. 

You can find your true self by meeting black women like you and learning about their suffering and triumphs, and also hit the road and engage in traveling ventures. 

Not all those who wander are lost; get on the right path to feed your soul with Black Girls On The Go®.

Never get lost again in this journey with the right influencer on your side—Shay Sane.