Shawn Henry is Ahead of the Game with Efficient Home Services

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills? Well, in this feature, we are going to introduce you to an entrepreneur who got so tired of paying his electricity bill that he started a company that offers efficient energy. 

Shawn Henry is a Canadian Entrepreneur and CEO of Efficient Home Services. This company helps homes adopt efficient energy options such as solar. It also offers other extensive services such as insulation installation and home energy audits. Shawn was motivated to start his own company because he grew tired of parting with ridiculous amounts of money in high electricity bills. Yet this is a plight that is common amongst most Americans as 31% of the population struggles to pay their electricity bills. About one in five households have to forgo necessities such as food and medicine to pay for their energy bills. 

EHS is out to disrupt the energy sector with its renewable energy solution. They inform their clients about the benefits of solar that include the federal solar investment tax credit. The federal government allows people to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes. Although there are anticipated changes to this legislation, Shawn notes that there are other important reasons for people to adopt solar. He points out that solar installation adds value to a house. Studies show that adding solar panels may likely increase the value of your house by up to 5% more compared to houses with no solar panels. A solar panel system also helps you save up on your bills which is a great advantage considering the economic challenges that we are experiencing today. 

Why Work With EHS 

EHS is one of the leading energy efficiency companies in the country. The enterprise is set up in Florida where Shawn lives. So far, they have served thousands of clients by helping them make the transition to solar. They offer a free energy audit to help clients understand how they use energy. Shawn points out that an energy audit is an important step towards managing energy expenses and often motivates people to opt for solar. He says that people consume energy in different ways, from cooling the home to heating the water. However, most of the energy is wasted through inefficiencies, and that’s where his company comes to help people overcome this wastage.¬†

Clients who call EHS for an energy audit get an extensive examination for every area of their house to determine the points of energy inefficiency. Shawn’s talented team will inspect the water heater, HVAC Unit, attic insulation, ductwork plus so much more. After that, you get to purchase a custom packaged energy management system that consists of top quality products and services.¬†

Shawn is a Visionary Entrepreneur 

Shawn managed to build his business to success by identifying a need in the market and stepping up to fill this need. All the talk about climate change and the growing energy demand pointed out the value of energy efficiency. Shawn started as a solo entrepreneur, and it was up to him to reach out to clients and offer them a service that went beyond their expectations. 

Shawn’s company also gives back to the community. The company is a proud benefactor of a local children’s hospital where they donate a percentage of their proceeds to support the hospital’s mission and core areas that need financial support. Thanks to Shawn’s efforts, thousands of houses are adopting efficient energy and saving up for other things.¬†