Shark Tank Bitcoin Aussie System Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

The Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History, That Can Make YOU Rich In Just 7 Days! (Seriously)

These two university mates created Immediate Profit, a simple push-button stock trading platform.

Appearing on TV series, Shark Tank, two best friends from university pitched their idea for an automated A.I. trading platform, called Bitcoin Aussie System. The idea was simple: allow the average person the opportunity to cash in on the bitcoin market boom. Even if they have absolutely no investing or technology experience.

A user would simply make an initial deposit into the platform, usually of £250 or more. Then the user would simply open the automated trader and let it do the work for them.

The entrepreneurs intend to make money from their platform by charging a small commission on only the profits a user generates. They asked the Shark Tank for £200,000 for 25% of the company, valuing the company at £800,000.

To demonstrate the power of their company’s platform the entrepreneurs had Sarah Harris deposit £250 live on the show.

Sarah Harris after buying her first trade ever using the power of Bitcoin Aussie System.

I’ve heard about new A.I. trading systems used by big banks and trading firms to make massive amounts of money, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen for the average person. This was so easy, I just used my credit card to deposit the money and it did all the work for me.” Harris said.

After her initial deposit of £250 was made in the Bitcoin Aussie System system, an account manager from the company contacted her to help her get set up. He asked her if she had and questions then walked her through getting started.

The Shark Tank started to become very eager to invest in this business

All the Shark Tank were immediately impressed by how easy it was to make money. The platform handles all the trading work automatically and because at the movement stocks tied to Brexit concerns have been volatile, there have been numerous opportunities to profit.

“Bitcoin is so hot right now and if even somebody like Harris, no offence Naomi Simson, can make money from it, I’m all in. I need to have a piece of this. I’m going to make a huge offer, £2 million for 25% of the company.” Steve Baxter said.

Before the entrepreneurs even had a chance to respond to Baxter’s offer, Sarah Harris interrupted and said with a smile on her face: “I’ve gone up to £398.42 after just 8 minutes”.

After the instance success of Sarah Harris, Steve Baxter recalculates his initial offer.

At this point all of the 5 Shark Tank were ready to invest, but a bidding war quickly emerged between Steve Baxter and Janine Allis. Allis improved on Jones’ offer, by £2.5 million for 25%, whereas Baxter hit back with a revised valuation of £2.5 million for 20%, effectively valuing the company at £12.5 million.

After some minor back-and-forth discussion, the entrepreneurs quickly accepted, making this the biggest deal in the history of Shark Tank.

We decided to put Bitcoin Aussie System to the test, to see if it was really possible for you to make money using the platform.

We quickly discovered that the platform charges a commission of 2% on profits a user generates and that you need to make a minimum deposit of £250 to get started. That money is your initial investment, which the trading software uses to trade.

Also, we learned that Bitcoin Aussie System makes money by buying when the price of oil goes up AND when the price of oil goes down. This is known as short-selling; you just open a position up and profits come in fast. Currently, due to shake ups in the market caused by a coronavirus, short-selling has been pulling in massive profits for its users.

I decided to sign up for an account with Bitcoin Aussie System, I made the initial deposit £250 and set my account to active.


On the show, Ana was able to make £73.18 in profit after only 3 minutes, for me, it took much longer. The platform took 20 hours to generate an £80.19 profit, which still impressed me a lot! I’d never purchased a stock before or ever made a trade in my life, yet here I was able to generate a profit.

I spent about 5 minutes a day checking my results and after 5 days, the platform had traded up to a massive total of £630. That is a 252% increase in my initial deposit. I was starting to become a true believer in this platform.

After 7 Days my initial investment had traded up to £1,930. At this point, my mind was racing with possibilities of all the things I could spend that money on. This is more money than I made at work in a week and I’d spent less than 30 minutes checking the platform.

I decided to keep my account active for 15 days in total because I wanted to see how high it could go. My account eventually hit a peak of £7,380.10, but I did have a negative -£79.51 trade. I looked through my trading logs and discovered that not every trade is profitable, some actually lost money.

The platform isn’t magic, but after 70% of my trades were profitable, the net result was I made £7,300.59 from my initial deposit of £250. It took me less than 30 minutes of work a week and absolutely no technical or investing experience.

All in all, I was able to make £7,300.59 from using Bitcoin Aussie System.

Note: It took 48 hours for my money to be deposited into my personal bank account.


“Bitcoin has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made! The business has been growing at over 2,400% this year alone. And as a user of the platform, my trading profits have increased by 320% on virtual autopilot.” – Steve Baxter

“I missed out on the Bitcoin investment, as the entrepreneurs decided to go with Peter Jones, but I’ve been making huge returns as a user of the platform! My return as a user has been over 630%, which is much bigger than anything I’ve made here in Shark Tank” – Andrew Banks

“I’ve gone from somebody who had only just heard about A.I. to becoming a Multi-Millionaire in the space of just 3 thanks to A.I. investing. I wish I had offered more money to invest in the business, but I’m extremely happy that I decided to become a user of the product.” – Dr. Glen Richards

“I’m still in shock, I deposited £250 live on the show and it immediately returned a £73.18 profit after just 3 minutes. That is the biggest and fastest return I’ve ever seen after 3 minutes. This thing is legit.” – Sarah Harris

“Bitcoin has truly revolutionized the world of investments for me. I’ve almost completely abandoned my normal stock portfolio research in favour of automated trading. With the use of bitcoin, you can make more money, faster, easier and with absolutely no prior stock or investor knowledge.” – Naomi Simson


Right now, Bitcoin Aussie System is allowing our readers to try the platform for a minimum initial deposit of just £250. You can withdraw this amount at any time you want.

Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform, this initial minimum deposit may increase!

It is important that you sign up for Bitcoin Aussie System immediately, as we do not know how many places will be available

You can fund your account via a credit card or a bank transfer.

There are two steps to get started:

1. Sign Up For A Free Account
2. Deposit The Minimum £250