Sharing the stage with Global Diplomats in Paris: Shahmeer Amir’s Journey from Gisec to FIC2023


Shahmeer Amir, a  young Pakistani cybersecurity pioneer and the world’s third-best bug bounty hunter, is making waves in the global cybersecurity world. He recently represented Pakistan at GISEC, the UAE’s largest cybersecurity conference. Shahmeer has already made his country proud by speaking at Blackhat and is now preparing to attend FIC2023, Europe’s largest cybersecurity conference.

Shahmeer has established himself as a leader in the cybersecurity field. He is the creator of Veiliux, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Shahmeer has received not just national but also international acclaim for his knowledge and unique ideas.

During GISEC, Shahmeer shared the platform with global experts and cybersecurity specialists from around the world. His presentation was well-received, and many individuals interested in cybersecurity attended. Shahmeer spoke on the necessity of cybersecurity in today’s society, as well as the different issues that it presents. He also discussed Pakistan’s development in the realm of cybersecurity and his predictions for the industry’s future.


GISEC was a major success, with many prominent attendees, including Eric O’Neill, a former FBI counterintelligence investigator who assisted in the apprehension of renowned spy Robert Hanssen. Mikko Hypponen, a cybersecurity specialist and author who has spoken at several international conferences, was another famous attendee. He conducted an investigation of the strategies and tactics employed by attackers to access industrial control systems (ICS). The presentation discusses the history of SCADA systems and how they are used to control critical infrastructure, as well as the flaws and attack vectors that make them vulnerable. The talk also covers the tools and tactics that attackers employ to hack SCADA systems, such as network scanning, SQL injection, and social engineering.

He went on to talk about 2FA in the twenty-first century. The current condition of 2FA, how it is used, and when it originally appeared was essential to the entire issue. He discussed how 2FA is conceptually and technically implemented in online and mobile apps, as well as strategies for circumventing 2FA in web and mobile apps.

Shahmeer’s next trip is FIC2023, which will be hosted in Paris. The event is well-known for bringing together some of the world’s most famous cybersecurity specialists. Shahmeer is the only Pakistani cybersecurity expert selected to present at FIC2023. He will be sharing the stage with Nicolas Chaillan, the US Air Force Chief Software Officer, and several other prominent cybersecurity experts.


FIC2023 has already drawn several noteworthy attendees, including Bruce Schneier, a well-known cybersecurity expert, Mounir Mahjoubi, the former French Minister of Digital Affairs, Thierry Breton, a French business entrepreneur, politician, writer, and the current Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union, Éric Caire, a Canadian politician from Quebec, Canada, and Ludivine Dedonder, a Belgian politician of the Socialist Party who has been serving as Minister of Defence in Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s administration since 2020.

Shahmeer is looking forward to visiting FIC2023 and sharing his skills and views with other cybersecurity specialists. He feels that gatherings like this are critical in bringing professionals from across the world together to share their experiences and cooperate on solutions to the industry’s difficulties.

Shahmeer is also CEO of Younite and Authiun, both causing a stir in the technology space. Younite promises to be a cutting edge player in the Audio Video communications space, whereas Authiun specializes on password-less authentication and identity verification.

Shahmeer’s accomplishments demonstrate the skill and promise of Pakistani youth. He has demonstrated that anyone can establish a reputation for themselves in the computer business with hard work and perseverance. His achievement serves as an example to many young people in Pakistan who want to work in technology.

Finally, Shahmeer’s path from GISEC to FIC2023 demonstrates his knowledge as well as the potential of young people in the IT business. His accomplishments and participation in these events are a source of pride for Pakistan, as well as a reminder of the critical relevance of cybersecurity in today’s globe.