Sharing my learnings is my way of giving back, states ace wealth coach Marcus Blandin

He built a 7+ figure brand from nothing and has coached thousands of people helping them reach 7+ figures. Here is the story of Marcus Blandin from starting as an entrepreneur to becoming a sought-after wealth coach. Let’s delve.

Restoring confidence in people

Marcus shares that he has been a serial entrepreneur since he was just 8 years old. So, Marcus had already started his journey to becoming the doyen of wealth management when he was a little kid. Since then, he has founded top brands like Millionaires International and Wealthy Mindset University which mostly fall in the domain of holistic financial solutions.

Marcus shares, “I have always had this knack for cracking wealth problems of people. It’s my innate quality. So, it only made sense for me to become a wealth coach. However, I didn’t think I’d be so successful in this domain. I thank my clients who have entrusted me with the big responsibility to manage their hard-earned money.” Marcus says that it is this trust people put in him that drives him to leave no stone unturned in helping people become financially literate. Marcus thinks that when a person’s credit is restored, his confidence is also restored. That’s what differentiates Marcus as an entrepreneur and wealth coach.

Marcus expresses that all of his pursuits be it as an entrepreneur or a wealth coach has been to serve and help others succeed. Perhaps, this is what catapulted Marcus to success podium as a wealth coach. As a wealth coach, he strives to empower his clients take control of their financial future by helping them create and manage wealth ‘without fear’. And in the process, Marcus encourages his clients to become a positive contributor to society so that the chain continues and more and more people achieve financial independence.

Marcus has more that two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. He is well-versed with the crests and troughs on the road to success. He is a sought-after global wealth coach as well as an international speaker. Ask Marcus what made it possible for him to be successful both as an entrepreneur and wealth coach, he says, “I have always wanted to give, offer myself regardless of what I am getting. My focus is always to give back all that I have learnt to the community.” Marcus continues to help thousands better their relationship with money and wealth.