SharePoint Migration – Then and Now

Somewhere around in 2014 when Office 365 was still a kid, many organizations stayed away from SharePoint migrations. Well, migrations always gave sleepless nights to the system administrators. Your on-premises infrastructure was all you had as an ‘IT room’ where your servers and flurry of ‘rectangle metal boxes’ were kept. SharePoint migration was limited to innovative companies who were kind of risk-takers to adopt and try some new way of functioning. But migrations have always been about the mindset, rather than technical specifications. Of course, your specs and architecture matters but the first hurdle would be to get rid of the mental block of ‘migrations are tough’ mindset. 

That was the case in the year 2014. Fast forward to a new decade, SharePoint migrations are pretty much ubiquitous. After Satya Nadella provided a colossal push to the cloud technology through Office 365, every once-reluctant brain is allowing the decision to go ahead with SharePoint migrations. Well, times have changed for the better. Today, most of the companies do not fear moving SharePoint in the cloud. In fact, even the recent versions of SharePoint are built around the cloud. In couple of years, we expect on-premises infrastructure become rarity as more and more companies will migrate their entire infrastructure in the cloud. 

Though sensitive information hosted on the cloud is still a matter of debate, but non-critical data is being increasingly shifting towards the cloud. The world has moved to hybrid and online services, more so after the lockdowns that were the norms in first half of 2020 due to COVID crisis. Your SharePoint data can move to the cloud without any losses or downtimes through dedicated SharePoint or SharePoint on azure. There is a plethora of cloud hosting companies such as Apps4Rent that can offer safe, secure, and reliable data migrations to the Cloud. 

SharePoint migration today are more eccentric processes than ever. We have data security and protection laws worldwide, such as GDPR in the European Union. A robust data centric security thrives on rigorous data segregation and classification, irrespective of where it is housed – on-premises or in the cloud. When you contact any of a pundit SharePoint data migration expert such as Apps4Rent, there will be a detailed plan on how you can go about it. If you are not very sure about the data categorization albeit meaning which files lies where, you’ll have a tough time as data leak is inevitable in such a scenario. A violation of any data protection law results in exorbitant amounts of fine, which can doom the business forever. 

However, the journey for SharePoint migration since past five years have been a bumpy one. Increasingly, there have been providers claiming to offer SharePoint migration as it gained traction in recent years. The business window is still open and there’s still time – as there are millions out there who want to grab a piece of this market pie. Only the best would survive in the migration race. If you’re looking for SharePoint migration services or to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online, contact a reliable hosting provider such as Apps4Rent now. They are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. All your questions are answered by Microsoft-certified professionals. An expert’s help always comes handy when it comes to SharePoint migration.


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