Shapellx Eco-Friendly Shapewear Make Your Closet More Sustainable

These days, everyone is talking about sustainability from products we use at home to fashion.  So, what is sustainable fashion? What makes a fashion brand sustainable? Why is it important?

The Importance of Sustainable Fashion

There is a lot of confusion as to what sustainable fashion is and here is a guide on this matter for better awareness and understanding of sustainable fashion practices.

Less waste – According to research, there is one truck of textile waste being dumped at the landfill every second. This mega amount of waste is created by fast fashion brands. Sustainable fashion creates less waste as it focuses on quality products made with durable materials.

Reduce greenhouse gases- Fast fashion leaves a huge carbon footprint that derives from creating material, manufacturing, and transporting of garments, and decomposing textile waste in landfills. All these add to the energy expenditure. Most fast fashion clothing is made from petroleum-based materials that require a huge amount of energy to produce and dispose of.  On the contrary, sustainable fashion clothing can eliminate the process of creating man-made material. The process of creating and printing man-made material involve chemicals and machinery that is wasteful. Sustainable fashion uses biodegradable materials made from natural or recycled fabrics that require less energy and water to produce and is done responsibly. Garment made from sustainable fabrics are easier to dispose, biodegradable and can be repurposed.

Save water – One of the largest water-consuming industries right now is the fashion industry. Water is used for washing the garment as well as during the manufacturing process, dyeing, and finishing process. Besides consuming water, the production of clothes has a major impact on the environment as it pollutes the freshwater with toxic chemicals that go into the waterways. Do you know that it takes over 2000 liters of water to make a cotton shirt? Sustainable fashion brands have policies in place that limit water usage during clothing production. Organic textile is being used to produce clothes and it requires little to no water during the production phase.

Waste creation, water pollution, and reckless use of resources are accelerating environmental damage on a large scale.  In order to make a fashion brand sustainable, many different things are involved in making it.  That said, in the fashion world, there is no standard definition of “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”. So if you would like to know if the brand is what they mean when they say that their collection is sustainable, it is best to check their website.

When we talk about fashion sustainability, the first thing that enters one’s mind is what material the garments are made of. Garments made from renewable materials like cotton, linen, bamboo or recycled material are what you should be looking for.

Limit Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Shapewear 

Are you looking to make more sustainable choices in your life? While you may be eating more plant based food, reduce travel that requires fossil fuels and purchasing clothes that are made sustainably. When it comes to making your wardrobe environmentally friendly, there is one more area that can have a big impact and you must remember not to ignore is your undergarments.

As we wear underwear on a daily basis, they tend to wear down faster and need to be replaced more often. Sustainable undergarment can have a big impact towards a greener world. If you are looking to give your lingerie drawer a refresh and are committed to buying sustainably, look for brands that have eco-friendly practices and create zero-waste products. One such brand is Shapellx, a leading size-inclusive shapewear brand that has a wide selection of high-quality shaping garments that provide support, properly enhance and emphasize the body’s natural form. Its range of body shapers offers different compression and support where required without flattening parts of the body.  Shapellx’s eco-friendly shapewear is comfortable enough to become a staple in your wardrobe. Its collection is curated from sustainable, durable fabrics such as environmental-friendly yarn for comfort and support that leave women feeling sexy and confident.

Shapellx’s Mission

Shapellx takes sustainability seriously and is actively working to contribute to a greener fashion industry. Shapellx’s PowerConceal™ Eco collection features body shapers that are made from recycled yarn and nylon. This shapewear retailer is transitioning into using fully sustainable and eco-friendly materials for all its products to align with its sustainable goals. Shapellx’s mission is to produce stylish and comfortable shaping undergarments without sacrificing the environment in doing so.  Its motto is “Good on your body & good for the planet“.

What makes Shapellx stand out from the other brands is its commitment to high-quality materials that offer ultimate comfort with the best flexibility, adjustability, and sustainability. Their thoughtfully designed shapewear is made using innovative materials that are selected based on comfort, functionality, sustainability and durability using modern manufacturing processes to ensure ultimate comfort while sculpting and highlighting the curves naturally. Built for support so that every woman can look and feel amazing, its flattering foundation garment will hold everything together. For shapewear pieces that are constructed with eco-friendly best practices in mind, offer revolutionize results without compromising comfort and do not have a negative environmental impact, Shapellx ticks all the boxes.  Whenever you want the extra support, the need to look fit and a little confidence boost, Shapellx has got your back.

Benefits of Sustainable Shapewear From Shapellx

Sustainable clothing is synonymous with superior quality products because eco-friendly fabrics are softer, stronger and will last for years. Shapellx cares about the environment, is committed to sustainability and want to create a more sustainable world to live in. Investing in eco-friendly shapewear that is made from recycled material will do more for your body than keeping your body look slim and nice. Shapewear made from recycled material or natural fibers is a healthier choice that can prevent skin irritation and itching.

If you are ready to make a switch and update your everyday essentials to shapewear that is responsibly made, sustainable, and eco-friendly, check out the favorite Shapellx collection below.

PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

The PowerConceal full body tummy control shapewear is a beautiful bodysuit made of comfortable and eco-friendly material. This body shaper for women is sleeveless and offers full support from the bust to the thighs. With a mid-thigh length, this shapewear will not only smooth the thighs, but it will also hold in the core, shape and lift the chest and rear.  Made with lightweight and breathable mesh material that perfectly contours the body curves, it is comfortable for all day wear. The open gusset makes it easy for bathroom breaks. this full body shapewear is suitable as outerwear and you can layer on with a cardigan or jacket.

PowerConceal™ Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

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PowerConceal™ Eco Seamless Shaper

Get ready to be wowed when you put on this seamless shaper. This classic body shaper is made environmental-friendly yarn, offering firm compression to sculpt the torso and hips. Comes in two designs – panty and thong, the open bust allows you to wear your own bra. It is effortless to put on and remove, and comfortable enough to wear all day. This body shaper is seamless enough to wear under the tightest outfit. The removable and adjustable shoulder straps offer versatility and flexibility.

PowerConceal™ Eco Seamless Shaper Briefs

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PowerConceal™ Essentials Eco Shaper Boyshort

This Eco Shaper Boyshort is a popular shaping garment for a reason. Made with recycled material to firmly compress your whole torso, it will hold the core in while shaping and enhancing the body’s natural curves. The double ply fabric on the tummy provides a firm control in that area. The shaper shorts design contours the butt curves. It has an open bust wear your own bra design and the comfy adjustable straps allow versatility and better support.  The overlapped gusset makes it easy when nature calls. This eco shaper boyshort comes in 3 different skin tones.

PowerConceal™ Essentials Eco Shaper Boyshort

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AirSlim® Shaping Mesh Tights

These sexy sheer mesh tights are made from eco-friendly recycled yarn. And will tighten the abdomen gently, lift the buttocks and shape your legs. The all over mesh patterns traces the feet to thigh and is super soft and stretchable. The firm support on the legs will smooth all bumps

AirSlim® Shaping Mesh Tights

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PowerConceal™ Eco Seamless High-Waisted Shaper

Enjoy the best shapewear benefits in this all-in-one high waisted shaper. This powerful body shaper slims your tummy, waistline, back, rear and thighs with the firm control fabric. The inner layer is a soft fabric that makes it easy to slide on and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. It has wide adjustable straps for a comfortable wear. The open bust allows versatility of necklines and you can wear your own bra. It offers butt lifting abilities that contours your curves. The overlapped crotch design makes it convenient for bathroom use.

PowerConceal™ Eco Seamless High-Waisted Shorts

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Making a conscious shopping decision with an eco-friendly brand like Shapellx will make a difference to our planet. Its shapewear collection will make you comfortable, keep you looking sleek and supported without compromising on your values. This will of course leave you with a gratifying experience. When it comes to buying sustainable garment, small changes can make a big impact.