Shantial’s African American, It was Accomplished

1. Tell us something about yourself?

I am Shantial, an Entrepreneur by profession, a philanthropist by nature, and a writer by passion. I am an African-American peace-loving human being who wants to end the suffering of humanity and promote intracultural harmony and tolerance. Apart from this, I like to travel to distant beaches and watch the sunset.

I am a sensitive person, and from an early age, I wanted to write down my feelings and emotions. However, I never thought of writing a book. I struggled a lot during my life, and it motivated me to write a book to express myself and to help individuals going through the same phase of life. Now I meditate through my writings, which helps calm my fierce soul.

2. Your book, “Shantial’s African American, It was Accomplished,” was published recently. To begin with, could you tell those who do not know much about the book?

I am the author of “Shantial’s African American, it was Accomplished.” This book is about the real-life struggle of an American-American man who has seen life and its hardships. He now wants to help people worldwide by motivating them to aim higher in life.

This book is about me, and I am the narrator and protagonist of this book. As an African-American,I survived the struggles and came out much stronger.

3. What inspired your debut?

A close friend of mine was going through the darkest time of his life. Everything in his world seemed to be crumbling around him. Additionally, he was thinking of ending his own life by committing suicide. During that time, I was there next to him and listened to what he had to say. Following that short period of meditation, he had a sense of relief. After that, I decided to offer hope to other individuals experiencing the same mental condition by sharing my personal account of my life with them.

I was surprised to learn that 12.2 million people have thoughts of suicide every single year. These individuals need our attention. They need to be heard or read something that helps them escape their dilemmas.To put pen to paper and compose this book was mainly inspired by the reasons mentioned above.

4. What is your process of writing a book?

The purpose of writing this book is to motivate other people. Inspire them to realize that life is beautiful, and hardships come to make us stronger.

This book is already published and available on Amazon for you to read.

5. What book are you planning to write next?

I am not sure about the topic of my next book, but I surely intend to write another one.

6. Have you written any other books?

Yes, I have written 4 books to this day but only 3 have been published. You can read my books online.

7. Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring authors?

First, I would say that being an author is not easy. There are so many confusing ideologies and philosophies that man feels alienated. You may feel overwhelmed but stick to your grounds. Your hard work will eventually pay off.

8. What are your career goals?

I am an entrepreneur who loves to write. I am successfully managing an online business Zippy‘s Occult Shop.

In addition to being a co-owner of the organization “Willie Dean, Feed the Hunger,”

The eradication of hunger is the primary goal of this charitable organization. Our mission is to provide sustenance for everyone on the planet, regardless of race, faith, religion, or ethnicity.

9. Where can our readers find you online?

You can find me on Instagram @shantial_the_author and on Facebook @Author Shantial Dean. I would love to talk to you.