Shannon Sperber is assisting her clients in taking their businesses to the next level and tapping into their intuition to know the next move.

Steven Jaggers, her mentor, has taught her about the power of breath and the importance of regulating the nervous system.

Starting a business is not easy. There are many challenges, from getting the finances to establishing your brand in the market. People in the industry encounter failures and make mistakes; however, we must overcome all of that to unlock the next chapter. Considering all these different factors, your mindset towards each situation determines your success. Shannon Sperber, an Ontario citizen, is assisting her clients in taking their businesses to the next level, discovering who they are, and tapping into their intuition to know the next right move. 

Shannon Sperber shares her breathwork training to help entrepreneurs on their journey, which allows her clients to become a better, more straightforward version of themselves. In 2020, she became Heart Math certified and a breathwork facilitator. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in physical therapy. Shannon knows how tiring it can be. This has inspired her to start her company, Soul Journey Breathwork. The somatic release experience takes one out of their thinking mind and into their body’s electrical network, letting one release the unneeded energy often caused by stress, past traumas, and thoughts. Shannon makes a safe space, encouraging participants to express things that have been stuck on a cellular level to unlock their full potential. Through her breathwork training, she assists clients in thinking less and feeling more, releasing self-limiting beliefs. The program teaches others how to heal themselves by tapping into the power within. She uses a somatic release breathwork process that consists of music, NLP commands, and hands-on touch to enhance the experience and remove all the barriers standing in their way. As she keeps growing her career, Shannon uses her knowledge and skills to help others find clarity and remove the obstacles holding them from unlocking their full potential. She believes, “When they can unload all the heavyweight they carry, they begin to live in their truth and enjoy life. They become more authentic, amazing”.

Shannon’s goal is to help more people become better versions of themselves and lead more fulfilling lives. She has worked with many clients, assisting them in every angle of their lives. To learn more about her, get connected to her on her website @shannonlsperber.