Shannon Masjedi – Shows the way of success to other women

Around the globe, women have established their own identity because of their strong presence of mind and dedication for completing the task whatever is allocated to them or the objective of their life. In the present time, women do not need the support of a male person for doing anything. They are themselves sufficient to earn for their family and feeding them. They are well-educated and have the power of teaching directions to other persons.

shannon masjedi

Today, women are not limited only to kitchen work but they are working well in companies, doing business, and other kinds of tasks. Whether it is a man or woman, anyone can get success if they are hard-working and giving their whole time for getting the goal whatever they have decided for their life or their bright career. Some have a thought that luck plays a major role in the path of success. The main important thing is to get victory irrespective of the thinking.

Are you curious to know about the success path of any woman?

When you will try to figure out those women who have gained some achievements, then you will easily find a complete list. Among them, some have achieved something with their efforts and imagination power through which they can see what they can do in their future. These ladies never leave any jobs in between until they do not complete it with perfection and don’t give satisfaction to others whether they are their customers or their colleagues or family members.

 Now, we will discuss this kind of woman whose name is Shannon Masjedi, who is professionally an entrepreneur and known everywhere for the kind of work she delivers means the quality. If you will trying to find out about the life of this lady, then you will come to know that it is full of struggle and nothing can be obtained without putting your maximum in anything.

What kind of work does Shannon Masjedi do?

In Arizona and the cities near to California, she has worked in the industry of real estate. Apart from this, she was the director, secretary, and operating officer at Pacific Ventures Group Inc. Whatever was her post, she never tried to take advantage of that as many people do. Instead of this, she always gave her best for finishing the work given to her.

Due to her determination, she was able to establish SnoBar where frozen desserts are prepared with the combination of alcohol and ice creams for giving the unique taste to all the cocktails.


Eddie Masjedi, one of the well-known and dedicated entrepreneurs in the business industry across the world, has tried his hands in different kinds of businesses and only achieved success because of his hard work, commitment, unbeatable efforts and power of thinking in a unique and smart way in every field.