Shane Delano Brandon Chin: How He Turned $1,000 into Six Figures through Forex Trading

Shane was born in Jamaica and raised there as well as in the USA after his mother ultimately decided that the prospects for a better life were in the USA.

His mother was Jamaican, but his father was Chinese, thus he never really fit in as a child in Jamaica because he looked different from the other kids.

Despite attending the best school in Jamaica, he wasn’t the brightest child and didn’t learn to read until around the fifth grade.

Although Shane’s parents were strict, they encouraged him to learn to read, and when he did, he memorised the entire book. He retook sixth grade while he was in Jamaica, and it made him feel something to see his friends go without him.

He made a commitment to himself to succeed going forward. The following year, he excelled in every subject and began playing soccer, rising to the position of team captain.

Shane performed better in school after moving to the United States, but not because he was smarter; rather, it was because he found it simpler there than in Jamaica. He still had to repeat the 10th grade, though, because he lacked enough credits from Jamaica.

Fast forward to Shane’s graduation from high school, when he earned a 3.8 GPA and nearly a full scholarship to college. His college coach simply didn’t appreciate him, despite the fact that he had been the captain of every team he had ever played on.

Shane had a dream of becoming a doctor in college, preferably a brain surgeon.

This dream was inspired by Ben Carson’s book “Gifted Hands.” Shane left college after realising he couldn’t afford to pursue a career as a doctor. He began working for US Airways, when he was introduced to network marketing and ultimately decided to join.

Unfortunately, no one else followed, and he was fired from his position. Then, Shane’s parents sent him back to school to pursue a nursing degree.

Shane was introduced to Forex trading by someone he met in Network marketing. Shane began dedicating himself to learning about Forex even though he was at the time pursuing a nursing degree.

Regardless of how he felt about the trade, he stuck to his plan, and eventually earned his first $500 from trading.

Shane felt he had found his niche when he withdrew that money and immediately began earning much more money from forex trading. He also makes up to $5000 some weeks.

Shane continued his studies in nursing since he didn’t want to disappoint his parents, but one day in clinical he was instructed to wipe a patient’s buttocks.

It was at that point his single finest trade, so he calculated that he would leave it open and it would be even higher when he returned. He had to give the patient a shower since when he arrived, the patient had faeces up to his neck. He took longer than he expected, and when he finally finished, he checked his trade but found that he had lost $8,000. He left nursing school the following day and began trading full-time.

Shane has gained more knowledge over time and created a more effective plan, one from which he could support himself comfortably. He developed a plan he named “What if sh*it struck the fan.” He gave it this name because it enabled him to make at least six figures annually with only a $1,000 investment.

As a result, he now provides private coaching ( people who are interested in learning. He exclusively provides one-on-one instruction because he thinks it’s the most effective approach for his clients to understand and internalize his teaching methodology.

He is better able to understand his clients’ mindsets and assist them create the same method that has been so successful in his own life by teaching one-on-one.

For clients who wish to develop a passive income stream or who just lack the time to study, Shane offers account management services as well. He discovered through experience that every setback prepares you for an appointment.

He came up with the adage “master your mind, master your life” after realizing that nothing is impossible in this world and that your thinking is everything.

He has put a lot of effort into creating a wonderful life for himself, and he is passionate about assisting others in doing the same. His passions include giving back to the community as well as collecting rare stuff like fine cars and firearms. Each year, he donates 10% of his trading income to charity.

His ambitions include becoming one of the largest hedge funds in the world, ensuring the financial security of his entire family, and improving people’s lives all around the world. He even has intentions to start an orphanage someday.