SFJ’s Referendum 2020 – A funding module like no other

What do you feel when someone asks you for donations in the name of your religion? How do you feel when someone tells you that they want your money to help you and your community? Well, isn’t this how donation and charity work, you would argue? And this is what Sikhs for Justice is using to fuel their secessionist campaign.

A closer look at their working module will clearly reveal how the donations made by the Sikh community in the name of Khalistan are not actually even being used for what Sikhs for Justice claims to stand for, let alone working for the betterment of the community.

To understand this better, let us simply glance upon the recent activities that these alleged Khalistanis with allegiance to Sikhs for Justice have been involved in. Recent news broke out the unfortunate incident of a blast in Punjab’s Tarn Taran district. An investigation was launched and four terrorists were arrested. Upon further interrogation with the accused, one of them revealed that they were tasked by Sikhs for Justice to kill multiple dera leaders in India. Where do you think did the money come for this operation? Moreover, isn’t Sikhs for Justice just a human rights organization that claims to be peacefully protesting for Khalistan?

Another incident that came to light at the same time was the use of drones to transfer arms from Pakistan. A burnt drone was captured in Tarn Taran near the Indo-Pak border, after it failed to fly back to Pakistan upon delivering the arms to designated terrorists. A total of five AK-47 rifles, 16 magazines, 472 rounds of ammunition, four Chinese made pistols and eight magazines alongside 72 rounds of ammunition, nine hand grenades, five satellite phones, two mobile phones, two wireless sets and Rs 10 lakh fake currency notes were recovered after the four accused of the Khalistan Zindabad Force, another outfit closely working with Sikhs for Justice, were arrested. If Khalistan has always been a peaceful proposition, why is such news commonplace every now and then? And again, where is the money for such artillery coming from?

Keeping in check the activities of alleged Khalistanis associated with Sikhs for Justice, the claims made in the name of Referendum 2020, which in itself is not an activity recognized by the United Nations Organization, seem to be deceitful. The rallies and marches organized in America, Canada and other countries also clearly indicate the hatred being spewed in the name of a peaceful demand for secessionism. One wonders if these are actually being done for a legitimate cause or are just activities to distract the media and the investigating agencies from terrorist proceedings being planned in the background, which if looked closely, seems so.

A small percentage of the Sikh diaspora, aligned with the Pakistani narrative of spitting India, has been donating the money to Sikhs for Justice without even knowing what the banned group has been doing with it. While on the surface it is being showcased that the money is being used for rallies, fighting cases of Khalistanis, or giving PR to Indian migrants, the real deal transpiring below the tables is something else. It is only a matter of time that the supporters of Referendum 2020 realize that they are actually donating to terrorism and in turn risking the lives of their families in India.