Sezgin Mangjuka Makes it Big as a First Generation Entrepreneur

Emerging as a well-known digital marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur at an early age in Kosovo, Sezgin Mangjuka today is paving the ways for business success of his clients through the social media and digital platforms.

He is the Founder and CEO of Pixatronix, a top-ranking digital marketing company of Kosovo. Sezgin Mangjuka is also a Social Media personality having 30,000 followers on his Instagram handle. He is one of the most well-known digital marketing experts and digital entrepreneurs.

Sezgin Mangjuka’s company Pixatronix is a full-service digital media outfit that is helping the clients convert their business enquiries into actual business thus boosting their sales and ultimately bringing up their bottom-lines.

Already come to be known as an expert in promoting sales through projection of the clients, their services and products through proactive digital platforms, Sezgin Mangjuka made all these possible through his Sezgin Mangjuka’s company Pixatronix strengthens the media presence of its clients and focuses on the specialties of their products and services thus catching the eyes of the clients. That is why Pixatronix most successfully projects its clients.

Never getting disheartened through his failures in the early life, Sezgin Mangjuka is a visionary and it is his visions that made Pixatronix occupy a great name in Kosovo as an organization that makes its clients achieve big in the business through most successful digital marketing strategies.

A self-made man who always faced his failures in early life bravely, he failed in Class 10 and again in Class 12. But such failures did not deter him and he went on trying to emerge as an entrepreneur to most successfully emerge as a young Social Media Manager in Kosovo.

A first generation entrepreneur, Sezgin Mangjuka began his entrepreneurial life at the age of 17 years after borrowing a small sum from his father to launch an online community. This was a successful venture and he made himself what he is today.

Sezgin Mangjuka today is a well-known influencer and also a mentor for others. In Kosovo, he is an icon for the youth who wants to follow him to achieve success in their lives. He is a role model for them.

Sezgin Mangjuka initially worked as a journalist, switched on to public relations, and finally launched his own digital marketing company. He brought several of his clients including the celebrities to prominence through social media.

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