Early morning blues are real. Getting ready and rushing to get to work, especially if it is far away from home, is nerve-wracking. Suppose you work at a construction site, an oil mining field, or any site away from the city. In that case, the hassle of traveling to your working site kills your motivation to work.

As a team leader, your job is to motivate the employees and keep them in the best spirits. After all, real productivity lies in work done with heart and soul.

On the other hand, suppose you workers are not motivated. Then you will face problems like time lags in project completion, flimsy execution, and team irritability. To avoid such situations and keep them in good spirits, we have compiled a list of ways you can motivate your site workers.

The following are seven ways to motivate your workers at a working site:

  1. Hand Out Team Shirts/Overalls/Hardhats

It may seem like a mediocre idea, but hear us out. When you hand out team shirts, overalls, hardhats to everyone, it invokes team spirit. But suppose you hand out these articles as a reward for productivity, precision, and effort. In that case, you will ignite the competitive nature in them. So hand out such items to your workforce. By the next meeting, you will notice an improvement in the team’s efforts. They will work harder to become more productive and efficient.

  1. Paid Off Days

Paying for overtime can get expensive, especially if you don’t have much project budget. But there is a simple yet efficient solution for that. To maintain motivation in your site worker team, consider giving them paid leaves. Condition the employees that if they completed the project within the due dates and did a good job, you will reward them with paid off days. The number of days you reward them can depend upon the budget. That will encourage the workers to work hard and achieve results instead of lagging. And a couple of days long paid leave never hurts anyone.

  1. Provide Them Corporate Housing Facilities

Your workers need a place to relax and sleep after a tiring day. Having to drive to and fro from work to their motels or apartments in town can be too taxing. You can motivate your employees a lot by merely arranging corporate housing for them. Most oil mining companies prefer to keep their employees near the working site and get an oil field housing corporate facilities to meet their needs. That way, the works can have immediate access to the functional area, increasing the productivity level. Moreover, when the workers are tired, they will have a place to relax, without driving long.

  1. Set Smaller Weekly Goals

Project plans span months and sometimes years at a time. That timespan is too long to keep anyone motivated. The only way you can motivate your project team to work hard and consistently on the site is to give them a sense of achievement. Setting weekly goals that are easily achievable can get the team working hard. You can reward each individual for achieving all the weekly goals with some time off and a bonus. They will see that the plans are realistic, and they will have an immediate reward in mind to motivate them for the job.

  1. Be Respectful, Honest, And Supportive

One of the main reasons workers get demotivated is because of ill-treatment at work. But if you maintain respect, honesty, and support based on your management, you will witness astonishing results.

Open communication in a supportive environment makes a person work harder and learn faster. In addition to that, your respect and support will increase the loyalty of your team. You will see that the work is getting done more quickly because they don’t want to let you down. Your team will communicate if they are facing any problems instead of doing a flimsy job. This kind of environment encourages productivity in the group.

  1. Lead By Example

One thing that motivates a person to work harder is if they see learning opportunities at work. It is your responsibility as a manager or supervisor to maintain a work ethic that strives for your team to be the better version. Don’t expect them to do all the work. It is easy to dump most of your team’s work, but your hard work can inspire them, leading them by your example. By giving them opportunities to learn from you by providing the best services, you encourage your team to work hard.

  1. Give Rewards and Bonuses

Working sites have to maintain a strict safety protocol due to the possibility of site accidents. Your team will handle heavy equipment and perform dangerous jobs. You must reward them for doing these jobs and staying safe by giving a little party each month or taking them out for drinks. Additionally, you can even give them surprise bonuses to engage them at work.


If you give your team a safe place to work, appreciate them, and provide a supportive work environment, they will perform their best. Please give them a reason to look up to you, and that admiration will push them to work harder each day. But most of all, understand the needs and requirements of your subordinates and deliver accordingly.