Seven Inspiring Garden Room Ideas For Your Home

Making the decision to install a garden room at home is easy. Cheaper and more versatile than an extension, a garden room represents the ultimate home improvement at a surprisingly low cost.

Meanwhile, deciding what exactly you intend to do with your garden room can be more of a challenge. Gifted with a fully-functional space that can be anything you want it to be, you may find yourself spoilt for choice.

With this in mind, here are seven inspiring garden room ideas – all of which could transform both the appeal and value of your home:

1.     Mimic Your Home’s Existing Design

First up, a popular approach to garden room design is creating an almost literal extension of the home it accompanies. This is where you design and decorate all aspects of your garden room in the same way as the rest of your interiors. If your goal is to create something truly cohesive that blends in seamlessly with your home, this could be the way to go. An outdoor living room, a study, a conservatory, a relaxation space – all with the same colour scheme and decorative accents as your home’s interior.

2.     Create a Multipurpose Space

It is worth remembering that your garden room does not strictly have to serve just one purpose. If the structure is large enough, why not create a multipurpose space? Popular examples of this approach in practice include combining a home office with an outdoor lounge, a dining space with a kitchen, a home gym with a games room, or a cinema room with a bar.

3.     Set up a Guest Bedroom

Don’t be put off by the fact that setting up a fully functional guest bedroom outdoors calls for planning permission. In the vast majority of instances, there is no reason why your application should be denied. Particularly if you apply with the help and support of your garden room provider, who can advise on the viability of your project. If all goes to plan, nothing adds value to a property like the addition of an extra guest bedroom.

4.     Focus on Family Entertainment

The benefits of setting up a family entertainment space outdoors are twofold.  Firstly, it encourages the kids to spend more time outdoors, and less time under your feet. Secondly, it provides you with the perfect place to store a world of toys, games and electrical equipment, a short (but welcome) distance away from the main home. Plus, there is no better place for memorable afternoons and evenings under the stars, with family and friends alike.

5.     Embrace the Outdoors

A garden room can also be the perfect place to set up a pristine patio, complete with outdoor furniture, a gas grill and all the usual accompaniments. Perhaps even combined with a retractable awning of some kind, keeping you safe and dry in all weather conditions. Inside, a compact kitchen and dining space could be just the thing to complement your summer dining setup.

6.     A Place for Productivity

For homeworkers and hybrid workers alike, achieving true productivity indoors is rarely an easy task. Even with a separate home office, there is still insufficient separation from the disruptions and distractions of the family home. Precisely where a garden room can help, providing just the right amount of separation. This can make it much easier to achieve the perfect work-life balance, keeping your professional and personal lives separate.

7.     Dial Up the Romance

Last up, a bespoke garden room can be just the thing for creating an incomparably romantic space to spend time at home. Decked out with flowers, candles and an appropriately soothing soundtrack, staying in really can become the new going out. A great way to save money, while dialling up the romance on a level you may have never thought possible in your own home.

Craig Upton

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