Seven best self-drive holidays

Whether you just don’t like flying or you want to put your new car to the test, a self-drive holiday can be a great way to see the world and still have the independence of your car. With companies like helping with the movement of your car abroad, getting to your self-drive holiday can be made really easy.

There are lots of really cool destinations you can venture to when looking for a self-drive holiday. We’ve been doing some research and have found the best destinations. Check them out below to find some great options to try out.

Florida, USA

With hundreds of family attractions, including Walt Disney World Resort and lots of other theme parks in Orlando, wondrous beaches, and even the Kennedy Space Center, Florida is a great place to load up the family and spend a few weeks driving from place to place.

Florida is vast and it’s not just the big attractions you can see. Why not plan carefully and make this the best self-drive holiday you’ve ever been on?

New Zealand

Lord of the Rings fan? How about travelling through filming locations and other stunning landscapes on a self-drive holiday in New Zealand. There are tonnes of different routes that you can take, and some quick research will help you to find the best one for what you want. You’ll get to see mountains, lakes, and everything in between on a trip to New Zealand.


While you can find coach trips to take you around Iceland, the best way to see this magnificent country is by car. You get the freedom of your car as well as the chance to plan your own route.

From glaciers to waterfalls to black-sand beaches, if you stay on the Ring Road, you’ll be able to see the whole country!

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From the highlands to the lowlands, you’ll never be bored on a self-drive holiday in Scotland. You can see the major cities, like Edinburgh and Glasgow, to soak up some culture and then head out to the islands where you’ll find stunning scenery and whiskey distilleries galore. In the highlands, you can also find hikes and skiing spots as well as truly stunning views. Scotland offers many different driving routes so you will be able to find one that suits you!

West Coast, USA

A very popular road tripping destination, the West Coast of America can offer huge diversity in places to see and things to do. See star-studded LA and head down to those California beaches. You can also head along to San Francisco or take a trip to some Las Vegas casinos. And it’s not only the cities that are attractive in this part of the US; you can also see some incredible national parks too!


Another spot for filming locations, taking certain coastal roads in Ireland can take you to some of the iconic Game of Thrones filming locations. And not only this, but you can also find some incredible natural beauty, like the Giants Causeway too.

As well as stunning scenery, Ireland also offers some fantastic culture and history in cities like Dublin, as well as great music and Guinness!

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There are too many places in Australia to pick from and so seeing them from your own car can be a great way to see as many as possible. With routes like the Great Ocean Road, you’ll find fantastic sightseeing journeys that take you to great spots along the way. 

It is worth noting that you should stick to more populated routes in Australia in case of an emergency but it’s still a fantastic place for a self-drive holiday.