Setting up Your Business in Hong Kong : A Complete Guide.

Do you want to establish your business in China? Then Hong Kong is the place to be. It serves as the capital of China. And is a center for growth and progress for its economy. Setting up your business in Hong Kong, A complete guide.

Hong Kong is an ideal place for running your business in China. Due to its diversity and multiple opportunities, it holds limitless options. For setting up your business/company in Hong Kong, the task is to get your specification done and get it registered, open a bank account and get your company as an enlisted taxpayer.

Let’s do-over more!

Why Hong Kong and Fiducia?           

Hong Kong offers a vast multidimensional market to investors. It is pro-enterprise and provides an easy tax system to its investors. Moreover, Hong Kong’s rules and regulations are up to the standards of the international organization worldwide.

 Fiducia is a cooperative service run by experts having 39 years of experience in the field. They will help your business/company to achieve extraordinary heights. They know the insights, market expertise, work ethics, and local cultural practices needed to run your empire steadfastly.

Setting Up Your Dream Company in the Heart Of China:

It All Starts With A Name!

The first step in your business venture is to name your company. We can’t emphasize much that what a good company name can do. We all know the first impression is the last. So make your company’s first impression remarkable.

They will guide you in naming your company. As two companies cannot have the same name, they help you through the companies’ registry. In addition, they maintain a company’s kit, which has a share certificate, company chop, and articles for the association.

Let’s Get Secretary And Registered Office For The Company:

Now for starters, according to Chinese law, you do need a company secretary and a registered office. The secretary and registered office in Hong Kong will help you run your operations within Hong Kong much more efficiently. The secretary can be a Hong Kong native or a cooperate worker.

Fiducia will be your responsible secretary. They will conduct and arrange the company’s annual general meetings, will keep a record of annual returns and business registration. They will keep your registries updated periodically. And they make sure the company is following all the legal rules and regulations of Hong Kong.

Your First Cooperate Bank:

It’s time to open your first cooperative bank. It will help you to run your business smoothly in Hong Kong. Your day-to-day work like wages, profits, the transaction will come in handy.

Fiducia offers its support by organizing appointments with your company’s bank. 

They work as an intermediary between the bank and the company. And thus, they ensure proper documentation and certification for the company’s smooth run.
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