Setting up an online store using an eCommerce platform, and the best eCommerce platform for beginners

Throughout time, the art of business and marketing has evolved in various ways. From a person setting up a stall on the street to a businessman setting up a shop in a mall, marketing has come a long way. Although traditional methods of selling products still exist and are working pretty well as it used to, people are inclining more towards setting up their stores and businesses online. And setting up an online store doesn’t get any easier than with SimpleShop. It is an easy eCommerce website that helps people set their businesses and online stores quickly and quite efficiently.

Working actively since 2014, SimpleShop has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs set their online stores. Many people who want to start a business but don’t have the means to set up an outlet or a physical store in a mall, SimpleShop helps them get through with this. SimpleShop is also the easiest eCommerce platform for beginners. The website is very efficient. It takes care of most of the problems faced by people who hire web developers to create or design an online web page for their store.

One of the great things about SimpleShop is its themes. These themes are designed by professionals working at SimpleShop. Being simple yet elegant, these themes work well when it comes to the presentation of the product. Apart from hundreds of preset themes, entrepreneurs have the option to customize these themes by changing their colors and fonts within seconds or have the professionals make an entirely new theme as desired by an entrepreneur.

SimpleShop believes that the presentation of the product is vital because it converts a viewer to a buyer as he is appealed by the product even if the customer doesn’t need it crucially. These themes work on all devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers. They are fast and possess a high chance of eliminating their competitors. Whether you want to set up an online business for household items, an online fashion store, an online gardening store, an online electronic or game shop, the themes at SimpleShop are so diverse that they adjust to the particular business and makes the products look more appealing.

One of the main reasons why SimpleShop is an easy eCommerce website for beginners is that it doesn’t cost much to set up a business using this website. Web designers and web developers look at the scope of your business and charge you high amounts of money for making a web page. Whereas SimpleShop only costs $14 a month and has everything set from the start for you, and it takes barely 15 minutes to get started.

The reason why it is even better than an actual physical store is that stores charge a commission on sales and have limits, while SimpleShop has no restrictions on daily deals and requires no commission in the sales.

SimpleShop takes care of other things like payment methods, and transactions, as it has all the popular payment methods like Stripe, Paypal and Worldpay set already. SimpleShop is what the new entrepreneurs need, having to spend the least amount of money and making the most amount of profit.

Alexa Josh

Alexa Josh is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of design,writing,marketing, software development, and more. She's a University of Mumbai graduated who enjoys writing. Alexa's has worked for clients ranging from online retailers and global market research firms to financial corporations.