Setting up a New Business; A Practical Checklist

Starting a new business is an achievement and there is every need to ensure that you get things right from the beginning. Young companies face many challenges and having a checklist can ensure that your business survives and breaks even within a reasonable period.  Below are considerations to include in your list to guide your start-up operations:-

Fnancial Considerations

When you set up a new business, you need a solid financial plan. As you run the company, you also need to meet your daily needs. Apart from the start-up capital, you have to take care of operational costs such as rent and wages. If you are lucky, you might make high sales initially and have few problems running the business. Most start-ups, however, take several months to years to grow. According to many business advisory service providers,   you should have a financial strategy that ensures your business can operate for at least six months comfortably.

Register a Business Name with a Matching Domain

When you register a business name, it is crucial to find a domain that matches. When your domain name is similar to the business name, it is easier to build trust with online clients. A catchy domain is also more memorable and can drive web traffic for better conversions. It takes a lot of time and analysis to come up with a good domain name. Before settling for a business name, it is advisable to search for available domain names to avoid settling for one that is hard to relate to your business. 

Apply for Licensing

Before starting a business, it is advisable to take care of the paperwork to ensure your operations are legal. Some businesses require a combination of permits and licenses from state authorities. These requirements vary depending on your location and the nature of operations. You also have to pay fees for these documents and knowing what each process costs will help you make informed decisions.  When you get a license or permit, remember to note the expiration date to ensure that you remember to apply for renewal.  

Find a Suitable Location

The role of location in the success of a brick and mortar business cannot be ignored. Setting up your business in an area that attracts high numbers of foot traffic can get you started on a high note. The more prospective clients know about your business, the higher the chances of selling your products or services. A good location is also secure and provides an adequate, skilled workforce for your business.

Open a Business Bank Account

Many entrepreneurs make the costly mistake of using their accounts for business. It is much easier to manage business transactions when you have a separate business account. A business account sets your company apart and provides a sense of permanency. Besides, you need to protect your personal information from potential fraudulent activity that could come with increased business transactions. 

With these guidelines, it is much easier to start and streamline operations.  Once you have ticked all these boxes on your list, you can add more items, depending on your plans.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.