How to Set Up QuickBooks Tool Hub Efficiently?

Although QuickBooks is a dependable and scalable programme with excellent performance, its customers occasionally have problems that must be addressed right away. Somehow QuickBooks undergoes some technical infection, that results in errors and issues. These errors can interrupt your business accounting workflow and reduce productivity. QuickBooks Tool Hub launched by Intuit makes it simpler than before to fix typical QuickBooks application issues and inconsistencies. The QB Tool Hub is a multi-purpose resource that provides users with access to several QB tools, such as the File Doctor, QuickBooks Refresher, Condense Data tool, PDF and Print Repair Tool, and many more, that may be used to resolve common QuickBooks issues. Whether your business is experiencing file corruption, network troubles, trouble printing PDFs or documents, password reset, or any other number of similar issues, this application can help. Let’s go in-depth about how to get it and set it up. Here we go.

What is a QuickBooks Performance Problem?

Your company file might be the source of QuickBooks Desktop performance problems. There are alternatives available to you for handling this kind of situation.

The larger a company’s file becomes, the slower QuickBooks becomes. Your company data file can be as big as it needs to be. If your network cannot manage very huge data files, performance may suffer.

A Look at Intuit’s New QuickBooks 2021 Features and Updates

It’s common knowledge that each year brings a new edition of QuickBooks Desktop with a slew of improvements and perks. The most notable update to QuickBooks Desktop this year is the addition of Tool Hub, which can be accessed through the program’s own Help menu.

The new Advanced Tools option in QuickBooks 2018 helps more experienced users to resolve complex accounting issues. QuickBooks Desktop 2021 users may access QB Tool Hub from the Help menu by choosing QuickBooks Tool Hub Fix Setup and File Issues.

How to get QuickBooks Tool Hub to Manage QuickBooks?

Following are the steps for downloading and installing the Too Hub without any confusion:

  • Visit the official website of Tool Hub QuickBooks with the same browser

Then, search for the Tool Hub and then click on the Download button. Always go for the latest version Save the file on the desktop.

Now, reach the downloaded file location. If somehow, you are not able to get the file, check the system Download folder, or can use the Browser download section by pressing the Ctrl+J keys.

After reaching the file, right-click on the Qbtoolhub.exe installation file and choose Run as Administrator.

When prompted click on Run from the Security Window.

Pursue the on-screen installation steps.

When the License Software agreement window clicks on Agree & Continue button.

When the installation accomplishes, open the Tool Hub.

Key Points to Manage QuickBooks Performance Problem using QB Tool Hub

  • Defragment your database files. A sluggish computer is often the result of a database file that has been fragmented too much. For further information on this topic, please visit database (DB) file fragments.
  • You should reset your Chart of Accounts and your Item List in addition to your Primary Name List (which includes your customers, vendors, and workers). Perform this regularly with your lists. Implement the procedures from: Make new folders in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Check-in on corporate records once a week. See Repair the corruption in your company’s data.
  • Modifications made to a file are recorded in a file called a transaction log file (TLG), which is saved after each backup. When your TLG file is too big, it might slow everything down. Avoid erasing the TLG document. Resetting the TLG should instead be done by making a manual backup with complete verification.
  • A portable company file may be created and restored in QuickBooks Desktop, which will result in a re-indexing of the data. See Information can be found by making or restoring a portable QuickBooks business file.


While following these steps………Moreover, you have an option to use QuickBooks Tool Hub or QB Tool Hub for resolving other issues. We are affirmative that this may have helped you in resolving the issue. If you still have some queries you connect with QuickBooks experts available 24*7. Thank You!