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The project of Typhon Roasters had been launched in 2013, when our foremost mission was to create a coffee roaster which would incorporate all best findings in fluid-bed coffee roasting of previous years of research. Many of our technological solutions had been developed in collaboration with roaster gurus from Czech Republic, the USA and Germany. As a result, we have built the coffee roaster which perfectly meets expectations of roaster masters from Specialty coffee niche. Now Typhoon roasters is always consistent roasting, high stability level and European quality of assembly put together.3 Years WarrantyWe are confident about work stability of our coffee roasters and provide 3 years of the warranty period. Service teamOur specialists provide prompt feedback during 1 hour on any problem you might have in connection to coffee roasting. Certified equipmentOur coffee roasters have been tested on different quality levels and meet CE requirements. Quality of assemblyWe use European quality level parts and components for assembly, which is to increase stability level of roasters’ functioning.Write to our service team1. Contact our service team2. Describe your issue3. We register your request and provide online consultation4. If necessary, we will send you spare parts or components5. In case if a problem cannot be resolved remotely, our support team will come to your production facilities during 5-10 days6. After our personnel has done their work, you can continue roasting coffee!Our service

Online consultationOver than 20 years of experience allow us to gladly consult our customers on any questions such as coffee beans production, roast profiles writing, search for trusted suppliers, etc.

Train your roaster master!Our production facilities include training center ready to offer courses in theory and practice of coffee roasting. Each year, 50 alumni who represent different companies enjoy taking our roaster master courses! We also provide free roaster master training course during start-up and adjustment procedures at your facilities.

Start-up and Adjustment of Typhoon roastersThe start-up and adjustment procedures are conducted during 2-3 days by our qualified personnel and are included in the initial price of industrial coffee roasters. The scale of work comprises electricity and pipe connections, check-on of systems, roasting test batches of coffee and provision of training course for your roaster master.

Post-warranty serviceWe love our customers and continue our support after the warranty period is over. You can always be sure of our swift response to your enquiries and prompt addressing of any kind of problems. It is important for us that your production is active 24/7, bringing you stable life and growing income!


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