SERP & SERP scraping

SERP stands for search engine results pages. It lets users to see lots of results related to their query on one web page. Each page of Google SERP consists 10 website with lots of relevant information.

SERP scraping is the process of scraping search engine results pages and to extract data which is used mainly by SEO specialists, webmaster, content writers, digital marketers, bloggers, link builders, sales teams, and PPC experts.

Manual or automatic SERP scraping!?

As the amount of data is enormous, manual SERP scraping is impossible and not reliable.

However the results are depended on history, device, location, cookies and other points so to get correct and reliable results in manual SERP scraping is far from the mind.

Instead automatic SERP scrapers are ready to scrape search engine results and extract any kind of data that you want in real time.

All-SERP- premium SERP scraper

I recommend All-SERP’s SERP scraper as the best and most professional tool to scrape search engine results and to extract data from search engines. What surprised me in All-SERP is the high quality results provided at high speed and with no error and no latency.

All-SERP guarantees to provide data with over 98% accuracy rate! It is perfect. Isn’t it? Since 1 year ago, I had not got any wrong data yet! I call it the most reliable SERP scraper of the market.  

Enjoy the high speed of All-SERP!

All-SERP provides data fast and with no latency. From the time you ask for SERP scraping till the time you get the results is only a few seconds. To have access to lots of reliable and accurate data at the shortest possible time is what encouraged me to use All-SERP.

Manual SERP scraping is really time consuming and also unreliable and not beneficial. I enjoy using All-SERP high quality tools.

All-SERP supports 5 search engines!

All-SERP can scrape Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGO and Ask fast and reliably. In fact the main and popular search engines are covered completely. It has 5 major services as follow:

  • DuckDuckGo search API
  • Google search API
  • Yahoo search API
  • Bing search API
  • Ask search API

All mentioned services are very rapid and free of errors and inaccuracy. They are the best way to speed up the process of SERP scraping as much as possible. The result is also given in both JSON and HTML, any one that you want. 

Free trials for you!

You can test 25 free requests right now at All-SERP website which supports both Google and Bing search engines. It is a good opportunity to become sure about the quality services of All-SERP before purchasing its other plans.

Other pricing plans of All-SERP consists 5,000 and 15,000 searches per month. Based on your needs you can choose any of them that you want.

I suggest you to sign up in All-SERP in only a few seconds, try its free options and I am sure that after this test, you will start using All-SERP services to scrape data.