SEO for beginners | How To Do Search Engine Optimization 2021!

In this article I want to explain to you what SEO actually is, how important search engine optimization is for your website and what are the challenges that we have in search engine optimization (SEO).¬†Often, however, we also lack the basics for understanding search engines.¬†That’s why in this article I want to give you a few basics about how search engines work and explain what relevance really means.¬†And of course very practical, which optimization approaches help you to get better results on Google in natural search?¬†This blog post is just right if you are an¬†ambitious beginner¬†and¬†need¬†a¬†systematic and detailed understanding¬†of search engine optimization.

  • Definition: what actually is search engine optimization?
  • Intentional meaning: 4 aspects why SEO is one of the most important digital marketing channels for you.
  • Delimitation: Which search engines are relevant and how does SEO differ from SEA?
  • SEO 2021: What are the essential elements for your search engine optimization?
  • How search works: You have to understand Google to do good optimization.
  • Relevance: What exactly does relevance mean for Google & Co. and why is it so important to you?
  • SEO as a process: which elements belong to optimization?
  • Status Quo: How visible are you on Google based on the Google Search Console, Ryte & Sistrix?
  • Keywords: Tools and tips for your search term research!
  • Onpage optimization: content, meta-data and structure
  • Task fulfillment: How important is task fulfillment, how can you implement and measure it in yourself?
  • UX playbooks: what is Google’s recommendation for improving the user experience (UX)
  • Excursus Technical Optimization: Mobile Only Indexing and Core Web Vitals
  • First successes SEO: How long does SEO actually take?
  • Key figures: What are relevant key figures for measuring your SEO success?
  • Updates: What are critical updates from Google you need to know about?
  • SEO Manager: Fancy SEO? What are the requirements for an SEO manager?

What is SEO

SEO or search engine optimization aims to make your own relevant content appear in prominent positions. In addition to the position (ranking), it is crucial how close the match is between the search term chosen by the user, the display of the search results (snippet) and the relevance of the landing page. Search engine optimization is sustainable if the user can efficiently solve his task (task completion) on the website.

The goal of search engine optimization

The goal of SEO is therefore not just to be on top. Search engine optimization aims to be represented in relevant search engines with relevant pages in good positions in the relevant search engines . Apart from Google, these search engines can also be search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Yandex, but also specialized search engines such as Amazon (product search), Indeed (job search) or Trivago (hotel search). The representation of the text available in the search engines (snippet)is intended to motivate the user to click on the result, with the aim of fulfilling the user’s expectations with regard to the content of the search term, text and content of the website. The prerequisite is clear and unambiguous access to the entire relevant website, which is optimally prepared for users, regardless of the device (mobile-friendly) .

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Why is SEO so important?

In the following I would like to present 4 reasons why the topic of search engine optimization is so important for you and for many companies:

  • Lots of users: On the one hand, and you can check this with your own web analytics data, for many companies Google or search engines are the most important channel for attracting users to their own website.
  • High conversion rates: Users who come via search engines usually have a high level of motivation on your part to achieve the desired goal. After all, users entered a search term that brought them to your website.
  • Acquisition of new customers: For many companies, search engines are the most important source of using generic search terms to bring users to their own site. This means that SEO is (often) the most important channel for acquiring new customers.
  • Google is grateful: Sustainable search engine optimization usually also leads to sustainable meetings. Once a position has been reached for a search term, it is usually very stable if the search engine optimization has been set up in a sustainable and user-oriented manner. According to a current review, for example, has been number 1 for the term ‚Äúsummer dresses‚ÄĚ since February 6, 2017.

Differentiation and interaction of SEA and SEO

Search engine optimization ( S earch E ngine O ptimization –  SEO ) is a branch of search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing – SEM ). The second sub-area in search engine marketing (SEM) is search engine advertising ( S earch E ngine A dvertising – SEA ), such as Google Ads or the placement of Bing Ads. Usually one tries to reach users who have a very specific need via search engines. The main differences between SEO and SEA are, however

  • Billing system:¬†Google Ads has a variable billing model (cost-per-click).¬†Search engine optimization is not free, but differs in the form of billing, which is mostly project-related.
  • Effect:¬†Google Ads is very performance-oriented and has clear key figures (impressions, CTR, CPC, RPC) with understandable costs.¬†Search engine optimization is to be understood here more like press work.¬†By bundling many sensible measures, they increase the likelihood of good positions, but nobody can give you a guarantee for top positions.
  • Keyword strategies:¬†The focus in SEO is on specific, relevant search terms or search term clusters.¬†With paid search, it is also possible to bid on adjacent search terms, even if they may have a poor Google Ads quality score.¬†In the end, the conversion counts here.¬†An example of an extended keyword strategy: Terms that are important to us are, for example, SEO seminars or SEO training, for which we optimize ourselves (SEO).¬†Nevertheless, we are expanding the application (Google Ads) of our own seminars to include terms such as SEO training, advanced training etc. via Google Ads.

What does search engine optimization look like in 2021?

Actually, you have to focus on 3 essential criteria.

  • Relevant content: You need relevant, high quality content, based on the needs of your target audience, in the right formats depending on the context.
  • Technical optimization: You need good accessibility of the page, a good information architecture, good internal linking, and your page has to load quickly, be quickly usable and visually stable (Core Web Vitals)
  • Building trust: External relevant linking, brand building, mentions & meaningful press work