SEO expert Roy Hinkis talks about the future of SEO and evolving growth strategies

The digital landscape has evolved substantially in the last several years. Advances in technology, the internet, the advent of smartphones, and the growing awareness of consumers have changed the way the world does business. Businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs have changed the manner in which they connect, interact, and transact with consumers. SEO expert Roy Hinkis shares his thoughts on how marketers need to adapt their approach and strategy in the years to come.

Roy Hinkis started his SEO journey more than a decade ago. He has since built a very robust career as an SEO consultant and online marketing expert. He worked as an SEO consultant for several popular tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them create and implement ideal growth strategies. He has an impressive resume, which includes names like Waze, SimilarWeb, and Walmart, to mention a few of the famous brands he has worked for.

Roy Hinkis has been featured in multiple online publications, including Business Insider, The Next Web, MOZ, and Yahoo, where he shared his valuable insights on how the digital marketing landscape is changing. In an interview published in SimilarWeb’s Lead Generation Leaders series, Roy explained his philosophy on user acquisition, which is excellent advice for today’s marketers.

He shares that his philosophy is based on keeping an open-minded approach when it comes to designing a winning growth strategy. Roy points out that there are several relevant marketing channels these days, including Google and SEO, social media ads, and Adwords. Although he agrees that Google still controls a significant part of the market and that it is doubtful for this to change anytime in the near future, he advises marketers to focus on other players that are becoming more and more popular these days. From the DuckDuckGo private search engine to social media channels, Roy Hinkis talks about these newcomers as very relevant tech tools that marketers should get familiar with.

For example, Hinkis advises marketers not to ignore the DuckDuckGo search engine as, although it is not as big as Google yet, it is a powerful search engine that may bring a lot of SEO opportunities. As for social media, over the past year, it has not only grown in popularity, but it has also changed the way users consume content and connect with businesses. Thus, Hinkis recommends marketers to keep their options open when it comes to creating a winning growth strategy.

As for user acquisition, Roy Hinkis also gives valuable advice for marketers to truly embrace the personalization trend. He explains that personalization both on social media ads and Google search results can help marketers make sure that their content gets in front of the right pair of eyes. For example, while social media ads target audiences based on interests, job-related skills, or places of employment, Google provides search results to users based on their geographical area. So, marketers should familiarize themselves with online marketing personalization tools to attract the right audience.

Hinkis’s advice isn’t to stop focusing their marketing efforts on Google. He instead advises marketers to be tech-savvies to adapt to changing technology and marketing trends.