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Marketers frequently employ guest blogging to “get rich quickly” SEO techniques to get backlinks to help their websites be more prominent in search results.

In 2014, the then-head of Google’s Webspam group Matt Cutts disavowed this practice by saying: “(S)stick a fork in it Guest blogging is not a problem and it’s becoming too overly spammy.”

In the original version of this piece (published with the headline, Why Guest Posting wasn’t the Solution in 2020), I tried to demonstrate that guest posting won’t solve SEO problems.

This article started a lively debate (which is still available through the comment section) about the many non-SEO reasons why guest posting makes sense.

I’m still firmly convinced that guest blogs shouldn’t be the main strategy for a quick SEO boost. However, it’s worth it if you focus on long-term development. For example, I sent this article for review by the Content Marketing Institute rather than publishing it on my channels because it’s not my channel.

Let’s go over why “old traditional” guest posts are (still) in use. Then, in the next section, I’ll show you how you can rightly approach this marketing tactic in 2022 and beyond.

1.    A few guest posts don’t aid SEO:

It’s difficult for a website to stay on top of changing algorithmic search engines. However, nothing has changed within the murky realm of link-building in the past decade.

In 2012, Google released the Penguin update to eradicate the black-hat techniques for building links. The change led users to believe that backlinks should improve a website’s ranking profile. They believed that backlinks were a sign that the website is sufficient to be mentioned in other publications, thereby telling that search engines (and people) that the website is an authoritative source.

According to Google, “Natural links to your website are created as part that dynamic character of web when other websites find your content valuable and believe it will be beneficial to their users.”

Research by Backlinko has shown the fact that writing a guest post here isn’t going to give the same increase in your search rankings or increase your visibility online.

This chart shows that content achieving the highest places on SERPs can earn numerous referring domains. Even the no. 10 ranking has hyperlinks from different domains. Therefore, even when your guest post results in a backlink, a single link isn’t sufficient to increase your site’s page rank.

2. The quality of a website is important:

All backlinks are not created to be equal. There’s no reason to be hosting guest posts on a website nobody has ever heard of.

Verify the domain authority of websites in determining the publications you wish to submit your article to. That is a reliable indication of the site’s quality. You can utilize MozBar, a Chrome extension, to determine the domain authority and analyze the site’s metrics to determine whether the website is worth your time to guest blog on it.

You can also utilize Moz’s Link Explorer to check out the authority of your page. (PA):

If you’re planning on investing in writing or outsourcing guest posts, ensure that you have a thorough look at the domain hosting first.

Even an established (i.e., and with high authority in the domain) website might not be a good site for your guest blog.

They don’t all allow an affiliate link in guest blog posts. Some permit links, but they code them as “nofollow,” which lets people click on the hyperlink; however, it tells Google that it shouldn’t be considered part of its search algorithm.

Referral traffic to guest blogs is typically minimal compare to your total traffic. However, if the site referred to and the blog’s subject is extremely relevant, the visitors might be low-quality as they do not stay on your website, browse other sites’ pages, convert or convert.

You can spend your time securing profitable web traffic by focusing on high-quality original content native to your area, the influencer market and a solid Social Media Strategy.

4. B2C brands have fewer successes:

That is the truth: Creating an effective backlink profile only through guest blogging isn’t likely to benefit the B2C business. In the words of Neil Patel, who has written over 1,000 guest blog posts has said: “If you’re in the B2C segment … it’s likely that you’re not going to get much value from it.

“The quantity of traffic you could get from these websites and the amount of revenue it brings to the consumer segment is so tiny that you’ll not be able to generate enough revenue.”

5. Guest posting isn’t the best way to ensure long-term success:

Neil is also explaining in the video below how he approached guest blogging. At first, he would Write For us Technology with just one or two guest posts weekly. Then, he increased his efforts to include a team of guest bloggers to handle his processes and wrote a daily 700- or 1,000-word blog.