SEO: 6 tips to improve your strategy during COVID times

The Covid-19 will have affected many companies and industries and SEO may be one of them for your site. Indeed, it is possible to see a drop in visits to your site and this may be linked to Covid-19. In order to raise the bar, it is interesting to review your SEO specialist OakBrook in order to improve it easily.

1. Highlight new content

Updating your old articles so that they are up to date or creating new ones that will be more modern is a tip in order to stand out from other sites. You will be in tune with the times and it will then be easier for you to adjust the way you optimize your content.

Besides, it’s not just your articles that need to be updated, but also your meta titles and meta description. If you notice a drop in visibility on one of your pages, then it may be interesting to review the structure of your tags.

 2. Seek to reinvent yourself

Outside of the Covid-19 period, it is normal to see a drop in frequentation of some of your articles for many reasons. It is first possible that your article dropped in Google results, so it is less visible than before. It is also likely that your article or site will be less frequented because the competition produces content more or less similar to yours.

In this case, the hearing is reduced. So that this does not happen for your site, it is possible to adopt new strategies in order to seek to reinvent yourself easily. By basing yourself on which posts your readers are interested in and which are slightly down, you can find a certain balance that allows you to raise the bar.

 3. Increase the size of your old articles

A few years ago, articles could be 500 words long and rank very well. Today, in order to offer competitive articles that provide information to the reader, it is preferable to adapt the size to 1000 words or even 20 00 words if it is a technical subject.

This allows you to give more information and also to place more keywords and internal and external links.

Also, remember to check that your articles contain enough keywords using software or websites., for example, is a valuable tool that will help you place the most relevant keywords for a search.

 4. Replace old links

Being redirected to a dead link is unpleasant for your reader but also, it drops you in the ranking of sites. When the Google robot analyzes your site, there should be no dead links. This allows you to keep an interesting ranking.

Also, know that it is important to always have more internal links than external links.

5. Write news articles

No matter what field you write about, it is interesting for your readers to hang up on the news. With Covid-19, it may be interesting to draw a parallel between your field of activity and the sector in which you are.

If we take the example of real estate, you can explain how you have been able to reinvent yourself following telework and confinement. For example, the organization of virtual tours etc. 

 6. Reinvent your keywords

It can also be interesting to reinvent your keywords by proposing those which are the most searched for example. With Google Trend , you can get an idea of ​​what people are looking for the most in your topic. Helping you from this to improve your strategy can be interesting. 

The strategy to be adopted changes considerably over the years. However, since the appearance of Covid-19, we have seen that it is important to seek customers by adjusting their choice of items but also by adapting to the current context.

Finally, to obtain quality writing by rethinking your 2021 strategy , we advise you to seek a professional writer .