Semicolon Butterfly Necklace: Suicide Prevention Awareness

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease research, about 800,000 individuals take their own lives each year. One person every 40 seconds. We should attach importance to helping those who are struggling against suicidal thoughts. But what shall we do as a stranger? Perhaps semicolon jewels would be a perfect choice that conveys suicide prevention awareness.

Why Does a Semicolon Represent a Sign of Hope?

In a sentence, the semicolon denotes a pause while the full stop means end. Besides, the semicolon can be used to connect the two complete and related thoughts in a sentence. In the same way, the semicolon can also be used to represent a life that the author chooses to extend.

Since you have succeeded in getting through difficult times, the rest of your life you choose to extend can be totally different from the former. So people use the semicolon to symbolize the important point. It looks like you get a rebirth.

How Does a Semicolon Tattoo Affect Your Life and Others’ Life?

Most of you must be familiar with project semicolon, an American nonprofit organization that is committed to advocating mental health wellness and initiating anti-suicide activities online. They encourage people to tattoo a semicolon as an amulet to go through their difficult times. And the punctuation mark is regarded as a solidarity form of those who are battling their suicidal thought and other mental health problems.

Alex Bruce joined them on a whim. Indeed, the little semicolon mark helps her go through tough times such as the breakdown of her parents, an unhealthy relationship, and so on. So a semicolon tattoo definitely helps those who are suffering from mental illness continue and at the same time, it also serves as a solidarity form to let others know that they are not alone.

But once she has come through the other side she would not want to call back that terrible period anymore. However, tattoo removal isn’t as easy as getting a tattoo—it definitely hurts as much. But why shall we choose tattoos to show our determination? Perhaps we can choose a gentle way, wearing a semicolon butterfly necklace, to show suicide prevention awareness.

YFN Semicolon Butterfly Necklace

The semicolon butterfly necklace is designed to bring awareness to the issue of suicide prevention. As we mentioned above, a semicolon can be used when you could have chosen to take your own life but chose not to. The butterfly is a symbol of both hope and transformation. When you wear this necklace, you send a message of support to individuals battling challenges related to their mental health. In addition, it serves as a timely reminder that there is always a reason to have hope and that things have the potential to get better.

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