Selling CBD Gummies Online: Here’s How to Navigate

If you are thinking of selling CBD gummies online, this is probably the best time to kick off your new business idea. In 2020, the global market size of CBD gummies was estimated at 1.6 billion USD. The pandemic hit, and most commercial industries faced a backlash. 

Among some of the rare industries that showed positive growth, the CBD industry deserves special mention. According to expectations, between the years 2021 to 2028, the CBD industry will boom at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 30.7%. Undoubtedly, the pandemic caused an obstacle in the growth; it is still moving in a positive direction.

When the offline stores closed down and people got locked in their houses, getting best CBD melatonin gummies for sleep online became their go-to option. This is a fantastic opportunity for online sellers. Thus, here is a guide for you to make your new online business plan a success.

Guide to Sell CBD gummies Online

Starting a business, whether online or offline, requires planning and research. So, here is a list of things you need to navigate before starting your CBD business.

  • Identify the Products You Want to Sell

In present times, there are thousands or lakhs of CBD-infused products. There are self-care products (lotion, cream, soaps, serums, etc.), wellness products ( CBD oil ), CBD products for pets ( hemp oil ), and one of the most popular CBD gummies and other beverages. 

Now, gummies are further classified in various forms. They vary in the amount of CBD and THC. You can also categorize them as regular-shaped gummies (including gummies with the shape of bears, stars, mini bottles, etc. ) and occasional gummies ( it includes Christmas special gummies, easter egg gummies, heart-shaped gummies for valentines, etc.).

You should look for the market trends and decide which type will work best at a particular time. In this way, you can attract the consumer of each category to get CBD gummies online from your site.

  • Research and Understand all the Laws Around CBD

For a long time, CBD has been controversial because it is closely connected to the word Marijuana. As there are various regulations, most people get confused. Thus, here are some common questions with their in-depth answers.

  • Is Using CBD Officially Legal?

Some of the facts related to it:

  1. Its answer depends on the state you live in. 
  2. Even after the 2018 Farm Bill, FDA’s authority to control cosmetics, drugs, food, dietary supplements, and pet food continued. 
  3. Some states amended the state-controlled substances act to exclude hemp. However, the control continued in the case of CBD products derived from hemp.
  4. Some other states control certain CBD products or require a separate license. 

So, it is vital to set up a system to check whether your online business complaints with state laws.

  • What are the Restrictions?

The 2018 Farm Bill permitted the production of hemp in the USA for commercial purposes. It means, until it is hemp-derived CBD, you are free to sell and get CBD gummies online. However, there are limitations. They are:

  • The threshold value of THC is 0.3%. If a product contains more than that, it is categorized under Marijuana, creating strict regulations.
  • In total, 15 states allow CBD for recreational purposes, while 36 only allow for medical use.

The FDA disapproves of CBD in food. However, they don’t take any serious actions against it. They usually issue warning letters only if a seller falsely advertises health claims. It is vital to note that acts and laws get amended frequently. Thus, it is better to research and read about them continuously.

  • Make Sure You Have Relevant Document

To get CBD gummies online might only require dollars but selling them asks for various documents. Different places in the world require distinctive paper works. In the US, your requirements are as follows:

  1. Regular Business License- Like every other business, you need to register it with the state. Then only you can start working. Also, send a request to the IRS regarding EIN/TIN for your new set-up.
  2. Reseller License- Purchasing CBD from a wholesaler and selling them online also requires a license. If you plan to do so, make sure you issue one from your state. This license enables you to purchase CBD gummies from a wholesaler without sales tax.
  • Check Your CBD Source

Before going online to sell, find a reliable supplier. There are various reasons to do so. Some of them are:

  1. Online business usually covers a large audience from different states. So you require hemp-derived CBD gummies because they contain low THC amounts, making them legal nationwide.
  2. If you purchase it from a local store, the possibilities are that the THC amount is unknown. They don’t have any measuring technique. On the other hand, trusted suppliers usually have lab-tested gummies and COA (Certificate of analysis). So, you are sure that the amount of THC is per the state laws. Some other things to check are residual solvent testing, microbiological testing, and pesticide testing.

Do you know that 24% of the total CBD users purchase CBD according to its desired effects? Now, if you obtain it from a non-reliable source, your product quality might not satisfy your customers. It might not succeed in providing the promised outcomes.

As a result, customers will avoid purchase from your site, causing a drop in your customer base. You can not let this happen with your new business.

Here are few things you might check along with COA:

  • Origin and sourcing method of hemp
  • Pricing
  • Reviews of that wholesaler
  • Extra services
  • Extraction method.
  • Build a Strong and Attractive CBD Gummies SIte

Your site will give your first impression to the consumers. Consider these things to make a perfect site:

  • Try to customize the framework of your site. Your site offers gummies, so think of a theme accordingly.
  • You should mention the name, description, and pricing of the product on the site. It will help your customers to find their desired product easily.
  • Add graphics and photos to make it more approaching.

These are some of the things to work on before selling gummies online.


The total number of people who search about CBD on web browsers is at its peak. In 2018 ( also known as the breakout year for CBD), the number of CBD users in the United States became 4.8%. It is double from the previous year (2017) when the percentage was 2.6%. So, if you put effort into efficient planning, your CBD gummies business can touch the sky soon.


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