How to Sell a House by Owner in California

Houses in California witnessed a price surge of 4.1% in recent months. In comparison, the record is expected to hit another $884,890. However, the home sales have slowed, marking 1.9% from March and 8.5% from April last year. 

Considering the current heat in the market, expert realtors believe there could be a commendable rise in interest rates as California’s real estate market seems to cool down. 

Meanwhile, California’s median home price is expected to rise 5.2% to $834,400 in the current year, following a projected 20.3% increase in 2021 to $793,100. Notably, the houses are also coming off the market, usually within nine days, marking it the right time for you to sell your home!

On a detailed note, marketing a house is never an easy job. However, the process gets less hassle-free if a middle man works on your behalf. Well, if you’re someone who wishes to sell your house by the FBSO method, we can assist you!

What does selling a house as in the FSBO method? 

Selling a house as is in the FBSO method means there’s no realtor involved in selling your respective home. You are 100% in control of the sale of your house. FSBO method typically points, ‘For sales by owner.’ The right and authority to sell a house are entirely in the hands of the owners. 

However, there are special legal rules and regulations a seller must have to follow under the FBSO method. There’s more to the process, namely the hassle, the paperwork, the formalities, and everything required to be credible to a buyer and the law. 

Besides, selling a house in California by the FBSO method is more challenging than in any state. And most of the time, house owners end up in a bad deal. Hence to solve your question of ‘how to sell a house by owner in California’, we’ve noted essential points and suggestions to help you make a good deal. 

How to sell a house by owner in California? 

The state of Disneyland is most favored for selling a house by owner. Though the paperwork requirements are a bit tricky here, the state has provided big deals to owners opting for FSBO by a competent escrow or a title company. 

Selling a house by owner won’t ask you to pay a listing commission, which can help you save your 4.9% based on the California average. But the Commission rates vary by property type and location. 

As said, a competent escrow or a title company can help you get a good deal. In such a case, companies like Houzeo can help you with the same. The top-rated Flat fee MLS listing platform Houzeo will assist you on ‘how to sell a house by owner in California’ in a thoroughly professional and hassle-free way. 

The platform will list your property in 1-2 business days, or even faster! However, the listing itself won’t sell your house; there are some steps the owner will have to take care of to attract maximum profits. Do read Houzeo reviews for more information.

Steps to take care of when selling a house by owner in California

Declutter & Depersonalise

The first thing that will attract any house buyer to your property is a feeling of space and a better view. Make sure to eliminate anything from your perspective that might give a personal sense. Analyze and operate required repairs and, if possible, paint the house with a neutral colour. The better the property looks, the better the deal will be. 

Disclose essential details about the property

Considering California’s real estate rule, the sector demands sellers to disclose information about the property and their expected price/deal. A seller will only be permitted to sell his house after they disclose the property details before the listing. If found guilty, the seller may suffer serious charges and cancellation of the deal by the buyer.

Disclosures are required when selling a house by the owner

  • Water-conserving plumbing fixtures
  • Transfer disclosure report (TDS)
  • Natural hazard disclosure report/information
  • Megan’s law revelation
  • Military ordnance

Competitively home pricing

Make sure to know your area’s real estate market trend, as the prices differ from location to location. Following the respective market price, the sellers must set fair pricing for their property. 

Setting a fair price is a crucial stage, as the worth of your property will bring you deals. If sellers place their house at a possible price, they will get counter-best offers. And if they price their home at a higher rate than the market value, the chances of sellers’ house getting picked becomes rare. 

Set a description of your house

Creating a description of your house is as important as other steps involved in how to sell a house by owner in California. Be honest and precise, as your description will bring in potential buyers for you. 

We suggest you create an inviting description and be country-centric. Before making a note for your property description, research what matters the most to Californians in a house. 

And if your house requires the majority’s meet, it’s a plus point for your house sale. Further, add remarks about the renovations done to your property. What amenities it includes, costs incurred, and other details. 

Find ways to market your property

Most home sellers and buyers hover on the internet and review homes online. Therefore, your property’s online presence is vital to draw interested sellers. Indeed, an excellent online marketing strategy can benefit you in selling a house by yourself. 

Recommended marketing tactics

  • List on the MLS
  • Get a yard sign
  • Run ads online
  • Share your listing on social media platforms
  • Employ a skilled photographer

Negotiate offers 

Selling a house by the owner becomes more complicated when negotiating the price. The reason being the owner often gets hesitant to make/ask for a worthy deal for his house. They sometimes tend to settle for less. 

And we request you do not behave in the same manner. Know the actual market worth of your property and accept the offer only if it matches the market price. If a buyer forces you to settle for less, negotiate with him for a fair price. And if a buyer finds your deal higher, try to settle down on a considerable value. 

The most advanced For sale by the owner websites and MLS listing platform Houzeo offers you the liberty to fight for a fair price for your house in just a few clicks! The platform has assisted many FSBO clients and has favored them with profitable deals. 

Standard Closing

Closing is the last step in completing a real estate transaction. It is the final step in buying a property. Being a seller for yourself, be prepared for paperwork and legality. Never fail to inspect your closing documents in advance. Following are the documents a home seller will sign at closing. 

  • Closing Disclosure
  • Certification of Title
  • Statement of Closing Costs
  • Power of attorney
  • The Deed
  • Bill of sale
  • HOA forms
  • Repairing proof 

Final Words

Above mentioned details were the steps a home seller will go through while selling a property without a realtor. Whereas, with Houzeo, the seller can cover all points noted at a flat rate. With Houzeo, you can completely deduct the real estate agent commissions. The company is best known for providing 24/7 customer support and hassle-free processes.