How to Master the Art of Selling a House by Owner In 2022

Whenever the time comes to relocate, some determined homeowners are keen to learn how to sell a property on their own.

A home is often a person’s greatest financial asset, and the choice to sell it on one’s own is often motivated by the desire to save on commission costs and retain more of the hard-earned investment’s equity.

Recently, a red-hot real estate market and a sharp increase in equity have provided further motivation to maximize earnings.

During the epidemic, impulsive home purchases were not unheard of, so you may not have owned your home for very long and be anxious about financing the expense of selling it.

Historically, a small percentage of sellers, between 7 and 8%, opt to offer their property For Sale by Owner.

While the approach is potentially effective, it is not without dangers. Selling a home is a rather uncommon occurrence, so you may not be aware of your ignorance.

If you’re wondering how to sell a house by owner in 2022, then continue reading on as this guide will take you through the entire process of what goes behind the process when you sell a house by owner.

Set a Value

Prior to putting your home for sale, you must establish how much you believe a potential buyer would be willing to pay for it. Typically, when you deal with a real estate agent, they have access to data that informs the competitive market analysis (CMA) used to determine the worth of a house. 

A competitive market study analyses recent home sales in your region, market trends as a whole, and similar homes to determine a suitable price. You’ll be responsible for conducting the CMA if you’re on your own.

You shouldn’t arbitrarily assign a value to your house since you don’t want to undervalue or overvalue it. 

If it is undervalued, money will be left on the table. If you overprice it, there will be no customers interested.

To conduct a CMA, you will need to consider the following:

  • Recent transactions in your area.
  • The price tag of homes similar to yours or in your neighborhood.
  • Fluctuating market trends and prices of local sales over time
  • Unique features your home provides (pool, hot tub, or a multi-car garage are just a few examples)

You should focus on properties that have already sold rather than those that are now for sale. Properties that have previously been sold were effectively priced, however, the pricing of homes currently on the market has not been set.

Obtaining a house appraisal may also be beneficial. Although it may be slightly expensive ($300-600) it will be worth it. They will do a walk-through of your house, examine comparable properties, previous sales, and market trends, and then establish a competitive, yet reasonable, listing price.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Once you’ve established your listing price, the following step is to prepare and shoot images. When marketing a home for sale, professional-looking photographs can increase the ultimate sale price by thousands of dollars. Before snapping photographs, you should probably tidy up the area. 

This might be as easy as a thorough cleaning or as involved as house repairs. You’ll want to be as truthful as possible in your ad regarding the condition of the home, so if there are any inexpensive fixes, such as painting any older rooms or replacing a few fixtures, it may be worthwhile to make the expenditure. 

In addition, ensure that the images are taken on a sunny day with the lights on and the drapes open.

Here’s your checklist before taking pictures for your house. 

  • Do a thorough cleaning of the house. Carpets should be steamed, vacuumed, de-cluttered, wiped down, and dusted.
  • Improve interior and outside décor. This is also referred to as staging. Ensure that the setting is picture-perfect. Purchase new plants for the front and back yards, and place books and candles on coffee tables. Anything to make the home appear more appealing in photographs.
  • Work on minor repair work. If there are any simpler, less expensive repairs to be made, consider doing them prior to listing.

Make sure it is well-lit. Open the blinds and switch on the lights on the arrival of a sunny day.

Start Listing Your House without the assistance of a Real Estate Agent

There are several sites for listing your house. Some sites offer free listings, while others demand a fee. Real estate agents often have more access to marketing and advertising materials that will put your property in front of more buyers’ eyes, but the proliferation of home-selling websites makes it easier to sell your home on your own. 

In addition to your listing, you may want to explore marketing strategies such as Craigslist, newspaper advertisements, social media, and word-of-mouth.

Close the Deal 

Prior to this stage, there has been minimal dialogue and legal documentation. It is typical to encounter obstacles in this process. Buyers and their agents may be apprehensive to purchase from a “For Sale by Owner” ad due to the inexperienced nature of the owners. 

The agent may not like to perform further effort, and the purchaser may view the transaction as less legitimate. Possessing a real estate attorney on your side for consultation throughout negotiations and the final transaction may be advantageous. 

In addition, being professional, adaptable, and communicative with the buyer and their agent will be of great assistance.

Lastly, arranging an open house can bring in more prospective buyers and help your listing garner genuine, live attention. Then, if your home remains on the market longer than you’d like, consider altering your listing price or making further efforts to attract buyers.

Pros and Cons Of For Sale by Owner

Now that you’ve understood the process behind your big question “how to sell a house by owner”, the whole process is not as easy as it appears. Following are some of the pros and cons of choosing this route of selling a house.


  • Less commission payable to others increases your potential earnings.
  • Greater command over your listing and display times.
  • More individual encounters with prospective purchasers


  • You have to learn every step of the way and figure things out yourself. 
  • FSBO is a more time-consuming process.
  • Less availability of marketing channels and property data

Without a realtor, selling a home may be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult job. With the assistance of new real estate websites and more access to information online, however, selling a property without a broker is now easier than ever before and should be seriously considered.


The FSBO option might be one of the greatest ways to sell your home by yourself, but it complicates the process. There are a number of procedures and forms that the seller must be familiar with. In actuality, the majority of new vendors incur a loss due to their monetary expenditures.

You’ll need to stay on top of many moving parts before the deal can close, so consider getting some professional assistance. One of the most efficient ways to sell a home by owner is to use sophisticated For Sale by Owner websites like Houzeo.

Why Should You Think About Houzeo?

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