9 Steps To Sell Your House Fast in Illinois

We know that you want to sell your house fast in Illinois. You may think: I want to find the best realtor near me to sell my house fast. But there are many other important steps involved to sell your house fast like using a flat fee MLS service. 

Apart from finding the best realtor near me, there are many other steps following which you can sell your house more quicker. You must know how to price your home right, negotiate with the buyers, go about through the closing, and more. This in-depth step-by-step guide will help you sell your house fast in 9 simple steps. 

9 steps to sell your house fast in Illinois

You know that as clearly as we do selling a home will not be as quick as ordering food. Not yet! But there are ways using which you can sell your house moderately quickly. Here are the ways:

  1. Decide when you want to sell your home

To sell your home successfully, you have to time it right. The perfect time to sell it is dependent on your home selling goal. Do you want to sell it quickly or for as much as possible?

You can predict the best time to list your home for sale by looking into seasonal trends. Like in any other state, in Illinois, the real estate market keeps fluctuating. The amount of time your home would have to sit on the market depends on the timing of its listing.

On average, a home in Illinois spends about 67 days on the market before it gets sold. Again, this duration is from listing a home to receiving an offer not including the typical 40 more days it takes to close the sale.

Here’s how you can move faster. Put your home up for sale in the warmer season to sell it quickly.

  1. Find the best realtor near you

Selling a home takes a humongous amount of work. And the one person that can make the process smooth sailing is your realtor. So, evidently, the most important first step for you is to find the best realtor near you.

It is a high-stakes transaction that requires you to invest much time and expertise to make it a success. A top-rated realtor near you is a must if you want to sell your home for the best price and in a smooth way.

The best Illinois realtors near you know exactly what needs to be done. They know the resources required and how to reach them. The expert guidance, advice, and support of the best realtors and discount real estate brokers Illinois are bound to help you all the way through closing.

  1. Price your home just right!

The price of your home is a decider of how fast your home would sell. And the fast it sells the less you have to stay worrisome! You keep the initial price of your home a little above the line and your home stays on the market for months and months without you receiving a single offer. You keep the price way low and you are giving away money that was yours with your home!

To price your home just right, you need to stay updated on your neighborhood’s real estate market and look for trends in homes similar to yours. Look out for listing prices, the drop and rise in prices, and the average price at which homes are selling. Get a comparative market analysis done by a local real estate agent. It is the perfect analysis that tells you where your house stands in comparison with houses similar to yours in size, age, and location and calculates the competitive value of your home. A free home value estimator available online can be a good place to start.

  1. Reduce the sale price of your home 

If pricing your home right is not helping with the sale of your home and you really want it sold fast, the best way is to reduce your home’s sale price. 

You can’t change the location of your house nor can you change its overall architecture. But the variable that is in your hand is its price. After knowing the temperature of the market, you can drastically speed up your home selling process by reducing your price by a substantial amount.

  1. Prepare, market, and show your home

Home listing involves more than just writing a catchy description. You also have to get your house ready to attract potential home buyers. For that, stage your home! Home staging helps you put more money in your pocket and sell your home faster by creating a pleasing experience for home buyers. 

Effectively staging your home not only increases its value in the market but also helps sell it fast. Showcase your home’s layout, let buyers picture its potential, and imagine themselves in your home with home staging. You can declutter your home and clean it, remove any unnecessary items and make the walking area appealing and fresh. You can also look at making easy and affordable upgrades while staging your home.

  1. List it with the best MLS service

While discount real estate brokers in Illinois can help you save agent commission money, listing your house on the MLS not only saves you money but also sells it faster. It is the best way to open up your house on the market and market it to many home buyers, iBuyers, and cash home buyers in your area. Also, the best MLS services like Houzeo syndicates your listing with real estate websites like and Zillow giving it the maximum exposure. You can even sell your home for more by selling it on the MLS.

  1. Put up an appealing listing description

Your home listing is the first thing potential home buyers and agents searching for homes will look at. The description introduces them to your property. So, why not make a good first impression? Put up an appealing description along with amazing images to make the buyers stop and click at your listing.

A succinct list of details showing your home’s features can make your listing a thumb stopper. 

PS: Keep it short.

  1. Respond quickly to inquiries and show requests

If you want to sell your house fast, you must respond quickly to the requests and inquiries made by prospective buyers. Delayed responses or unresponsiveness to their queries can make them move away from transacting with you. One other benefit of responding quickly to buyers is that you sell your house faster.

  1. Offer a lucrative buyer agent commission

While you can sell your property without using an MLS service or a discount real estate broker in Illinois, you have to offer a lucrative agent commission to a buyer’s agent. The reason is simple: Almost 90% of home buyers hire an agent to buy new properties. So, unless you are able to get in touch with a buyer looking for a house herself, you won’t be able to sell your house and move ahead. On the other hand, a substantial buyer agent commission makes sure that your listing is picked up by an agent and recommended to a buyer. 

You can easily get your listing on MLS and attract buyer agents with a substantial commission. This way the buyer agents work for you and help your Illinois home sell fast. Normally, the buyer agent commission is 2.5 to 3 percent but if you have a desirable property, you decide the rates!

Some other ways to sell your house fast

The above steps can help you sell your home when you want to sell it to a buyer. But you can even sell your home to ‘we buy house’ companies and other wholesalers or short sell your house. These methods can help you sell your house even faster. Learn about them below: 

  1. Sell your home to a wholesaler

Many people don’t understand but you should know that close to a whopping 40% of real estate transactions all the transactions that happen in the US are dealing with in cash. With no banks involved, fewer traditional hurdles, and less documentation, your home can get sold in days. What wholesalers do is they middleman your house to get it sold quickly. You can not expect top-dollar with such a sale but you can get a good amount. The home wholesalers have a complete database of cash buyers matched with the inventory they are looking for, helping speed up the sale. 

  1. Transfer the mortgage of your home to someone else

You can sell your home quickly by transferring your mortgage to some other person. The buyer must be able to assume your mortgage. Your mortgage docs can help you figure this out. But if it is possible, then it is the best thing you can do. You can even stay in your home or rent it. It is not that common but it is possible if you do a little leg work.

Summing up

So, selling a home fast is not that easy. You may have to bid adieu to some of your property money or do a little more hustling. But there are ways like the ones talked about above using which you can sell your home fast! Find the best realtor near you or a good discount real estate broker in Illinois to sell your home fast and at a good price as well at the same time.