How Do I Sell My House Fast In Washington?

It takes around 59 days to sell a home in Seattle city of Washington State. And that is also possible if you get offers fast, and your home inspection, appraisal, and closing is smooth. But hey, did you know that there are ways in which you can sell your house fast? Fast as in not weeks fast but days fast! 

If you are like: I want to sell my house fast, there are definitely ways in which you can do so but one other thing that must occupy your mind is how to maximize your net proceeds while selling it fast. So, even when you are selling a house as is in Washington state, you must figure out ways to sell it for the most cash.

Tips to sell your house fast in Washington

Below are some tips for selling your house fast in Washington state:

  1. Time your home sale right

If you want to sell your house fast in DC even when selling as is, you must bring your property out in the market in spring. It is the time of year that has historically seen the highest demand for housing, and so you have the opportunity to bag the highest sale price for your home. 

Summers are the worst time to let your property out for sale as things slow down during the season with families going on vacations. The fall is better for real estate but definitely not as strong as the spring market in Washington. And as Christmas nears, people are more in the holiday spirit than buying a house.

So, if you are like I want to sell my house fast for cash in DC then springtime is the best time for you. You can connect with many home buying companies during the season. You can consider one from the plenty of bids made for your home.

  1. Connect with multiple cash buyer companies

Research, research, and do more research. When selling something as big as a home, you need to have multiple resources, know about everything that pertains to your home’s sale and have a plan so that you can find the best cash buyers who can give you the best value for your home on your terms. 

You can list your property on MLS to get the attention of buyer agents and buyer companies who are hunting for ‘as is houses. After you get a whole lot of buyer companies eyeing your house, you can start the negotiating process.

As there are many eager home buyers in Washington State, you can expect most buyers to close on the deal with you without asking for too many things. The idea here is to move to the phase of making a counteroffer quickly to convince your home buyer to quickly close the sale.

  1. Sell your house to an individual cash buyer

It is not the case that you have to find a cash buying company; you can also find an individual cash buyer. For example, you can work with an investor. You can simply connect with an individual who invests in real estate and can buy your house really fast. You can quickly negotiate and close the deal with such a cash buyer.

The best thing about selling your home ‘as is’ is that you don’t have to go through the entire traditional home selling process like preparing your house for the market, looking for a realtor, and advertising it to home buyers.  

Since selling a house as is in Washington State is quick and painless, if you want a speedy transaction, you can consider the advantages of selling your home to an individual cash buyer.

How to sell your house fast in Washington?

Below are some ways you can sell your house fast in Washington:

  1. Try selling a house as is in Washington state taking the help of an agent

Selling a house as is in Washington is the easiest way out. You can take the help of a good real estate agent if you are sure of the thought: I want to sell my house fast. A good agent can provide you assistance throughout the process of listing as well as selling your home ‘as is’. What an agent brings to the table is presentation tips to market your home, ways to set an appropriate price as per your home’s condition, and tactics to find a buyer eager to buy your home as is.

Try looking for an agent that has experience selling properties as is, especially to investors and flippers. If an agent has worked with flippers, she’d know how they think. She can maybe talk about the after-repair value your home can attract and the cost to get an eviction. In short, she’d be able to talk to the flippers in their language. An experienced agent can also communicate your property’s potential and handle any reassurances. 

  1. You can sell your house directly to a cash buyer

Selling your house to a cash buyer is a good way to sell it fast. You can work directly with a house buying company or property investor rather than listing it. Many We Buy Houses companies buy homes ‘as is’ at a discounted price. They seek out homes that are in need of repairs. Many of them even cover your closing costs in full. So, if you want to sell your house fast, you can cash out quickly with cash buyers.

If the home you want to sell ‘as is’ is in need of hefty repairs, a cash offer is the best option for you. A cash offer eliminates the time it takes to close on the buyer’s loan as well as lender-ordered appraisal and thus creates a clearer and faster path to settlement.

  1. Use information from your house’s pre-listing inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is similar to a normal home inspection except that you pay for it as a seller before listing your home on the market. Getting the home inspection results before even listing your home on MLS can bring to light issues impacting the home’s value.

In case a buyer requests further deductions on your home’s listing price based on their inspection, you can point to the fact that the cost for certain repairs was already added to the list price. If your home is in good condition, a pre-listing inspection can be used for its marketing.

  1. Make arrangements; even small ones matter

Before selling your home as is in Washington State, you must spruce it up a bit for it to look well in photos. Certain small tasks done on your home can increase the amount buyers are willing to pay for it. For example, if you have a high-maintenance property of some acres that is overgrown, you can remove the rotting wood from the deck, trim back the bushes and install a sturdy railing. Even if you are planning to sell it to a cash buyer, getting your house and property a bank appraisal can give an investor more options. 

To sum it up

The option of selling a house as is in Washington State can be of great benefit to you if you want to relocate, going through a divorce or are going through any other such situation. But if you have a good property with no defects, it’s best to not sell your house fast in Washington. The best option to get the most possible price for your home is to list your house on the MLS. Take some time to market your home and wait for the best offers. Houzeo is the best company to list your house on the MLS. For a one-time flat fee with the package of your choice, you can sell your house fast as well as for more.Check out Houzeo reviews for more information.