Self powered suspended platforms for safer & efficient access to the facades

The Maintaining as well as a cleaning-up task for the multiple high-rise building-facades, for many years, has been the ultimate task for the bravest or some craziest people of this world. Most of the time you see people still sitting on the tiny wooden plank or hanging rope almost 100 meters from the ground level. The ultimate job of those spidermen is officially very dangerous, hazardous & inefficient. As per the standardized safety norms & health concerns, it has been confirmed fully that no rope system that is valid and descent is safe and efficient for the heights greater than 300 feet or 91m in this world. Most of the standardized agencies are having similar kind of thoughts as far as the safety of the people is concerned.

A much safer option for the facade access can be an aerial platform with ground-level up. This can be utilized as an alternative for any temporary access to the facade, in case the building is not too high & the possibility of driving next to the desired building is safe. Whether we talk about Suspended platforms, access platforms, BMU’s, cradles or gondolas, all these working platforms have an ability to deliver you safe & reliable working environment for each & every building. Mainly they are classified into two categories- a self-powered & roof powered suspended platforms.

You will have hoist right on the platform

With the help of self-powered suspended platform, you can be able to have hoist right on the platform and with the roof powered platform, you will get the hoists right on-to the roof in roof-machine. You will find self-powered platforms very cool and versatile in nature as no hoists is attached to the suspension-point on the roof. These kind of platforms can be suspended from anywhere, from ceiling, facade or the suspension-systems on rooftop. However, the roof-powered platforms are generally ideal in case of bigger size of facades when you need big outreach & enough roof-space on the roof-machine.

On the other hand, the self-powered platforms are ideal for getting the combination of both, the agility of suspended rope platform as well as the efficiency & safety benefits of an aerial work platform.

They are not just meant for getting access to the facade

The suspended ropecan be easily suspended from the monorail, davit or a roof-trolley and can be used for both exterior & interior maintenance & cleaning work. Also, there is a provision to add few other people on the similar platform. If you need, you can suspend a cradle under the gantry and together they can be utilized as a system for easy access to the interior facades and ceiling of an atrium. The most common use for the similar kind of structure is during the construction work while you need to install windows & other parts of your facade.

Modular phase of suspended platforms

As compared to any other suspended platform, the smaller cradle can be used for carrying 2-3 people & with suspended cradle system; you can attach a moving trolley. However, if you want you can increase the length of the cradle system, but there is no use of increasing the overall length as the basic idea here is to move around the cradle system without moving the people in the cradle.