Self-Made Millionaire: Chris Choi’s Rules for Success

Chris Choi, a self-made millionaire and business/lifestyle coach, has taken social media by storm recently as he offers exciting advice on how to achieve a life of financial freedom. Through his combined 1.6 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, Choi spreads his “Rules for Success” in fun, trendy ways. Be it a well-edited video or an organized informational photo, Choi is making the knowledge necessary to succeed available and appealing to all people of all ages.

So, what is this “financial freedom” that Chris Choi has everyone raving about? Well, from what we’ve gathered, financial freedom is just what it sounds like– financial freedom! This means lifting the physical and mental constraints of income; basically, money is no longer a worry, but a readily-available means to your happiness. Over 60% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck working dead-end 9-to-5 jobs for ridiculously low wages, and Chris Choi is attempting to reach as many people as possible with a simple message: There is a better way to live!

After dropping out of dental school, Choi, born 1991 in South Korea, decided to take a gamble and use all his savings to purchase an Airbnb property, which he then sub-rented for a small profit. Now, 7 years later at age 30, Choi owns 100+ Airbnb properties across 4 different states which are projected to breach 10 million dollars in total revenue by the end of 2022. This journey taught Choi the power of passive income to set people financially free, and he has succinctly compiled 7 lessons he has learned over the years that molded him into the person he is today:

Rule 1: Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

“Too many people live way above their means to look rich. Instead of spending money to buy liabilities, learn to buy assets that can make you money in your sleep.”

Rule 2: Choose who you spend your time with carefully.

“Being picky with your time and who you spend your time with is crucial… You will be the average of the 5 people you spend most time with- your health, how you communicate, personality, and even your income.”

Rule 3: Stop working hard for money.

“Instead, figure out a way to make your money work hard for you… [build] a stable passive income source. If not, you will end up working for the rest of your life.”

Rule 4: Don’t give a F***.

“When you stop caring about other people’s opinion about you, you become happier.”

Rule 5: Fix your posture and dress nicely.

This “[brings both confidence [and professionalism]”– essential aspects of a businessman.

Rule 6: Choose your life’s mate carefully.

“Your romantic partner will bring 90% of your happiness or misery.”

Rule 7: Stop waiting for the perfect time.

“Or else you will be waiting for the rest of your life.”

For more tips on reaching financial freedom and living a life of peaceful luxury, follow Chris Choi on his Tik Tok or Instagram page.