Self-Healing: Is a Healthy Lifestyle more than Just a Diet?

Just like breathing and digestion, self-healing is a function of the body. When you get a scab or a cut, your body heals itself. It is equipped to do the same when you suffer from a disease, even if it is ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s.

However, disease builds over time. Due to prolonged exposure to toxic elements (such as food, stress, or alcohol) and profuse expenditure of energy due to the presence of these elements. The power within your body to preserve health is expended. Hence, it is unable to ward off diseases. This is how you fall sick.

How do you activate self-healing?

Since a disease builds up over time, the restoration and self-healing process takes time as well. The repair and health build up over time since the disease has been caused by continuous unnatural operations or tendencies.

To activate self-healing, one must aid the reparative process. You need to give your body the means to safeguard itself and return to normalcy.

How can I heal myself naturally?

The violation of natural laws has caused an imbalance in your body. This results in a disease. Naturally, to heal your body from this condition, you must restore this balance.

How do you do that?

The answer is straightforward. You follow all the laws of nature and meet your bodily requirements. These requirements range from nutrition to rest. Your main objective in the process of healing is to restore the energy that your body has lost, eliminate the wastes that it has accumulated over time and provide it with the energy to do so.

Just like a plant growing in nutrient-rich soil would not survive without sunlight and water, the body needs all its “guardian angels” or safeguarding elements in order to heal itself naturally.

Here are the elements of self-healing-

Control your Diet and Food Habits

Due to our fast-paced lives, we tend to choose convenience over health. There is increasing consumption of fast food and preserved items or processed food. These foods cause your body more harm than good. They are full of complex carbohydrates, excessive fats, sugar, and other such elements that cause serious health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Apart from this, meat, poultry, and other animal products tend to undergo putrefaction after they are ingested. This means they “go bad”, release toxins and disturb the balance in your body. They also take greater energy to digest. One of the best ways to activate the process of self-healing is to switch to a healthy whole food plant-based diet.

Controlling overeating, binge eating and other unhealthy habits will also contribute to the self-healing process.

Remove Negative Influences

Your mental state and influences in your life have a bigger impact on your health than you’d like to believe. It is important to give the mind positive stimulation and give it the “right nutrition and exercise” in order to nurture it. To achieve self-healing, one must-

  • Get enough sleep and rest. This not only concerns the quantity of sleep but also quality. To ensure sufficient rest, you must create a calming environment in your home.
  • Nurture your mind with good music, artistic influence, and time with nature. These influences will help you stay positive, focused and heal your body naturally.
  • The right company and influence matter a lot. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage the path that you are on. Let go of any negativity and unsupportive relationships.
  • Try to lead a stress-free life. Tell yourself you deserve to feel calm and at peace and work towards that goal.

Get Sufficient Sunlight and Exercise

In order for self-healing to occur, you need to rebuild your body. Exercise is a way to stimulate the body. It forces your body to build stronger muscles and cells. It improves the rate of metabolism and it is the right way to “activate” your body. There are ample benefits of exercising regularly. It releases endorphins that make you feel accomplished and improve mental health. They increase physical strength, agility, and flexibility as well. The path through self-healing can be any form of exercise whether it’s hiking, running, or rollerblading.

Understand how to create an exercise solution for yourself. You can keep things interesting by creating a routine that includes different forms of exercise. Please note that exercise should only be done if there is enough energy to do so. It should also be light to moderate during the healing phase. You should not be tired after exercise when you are healing. If there is not enough energy to exercise, the body needs more rest.

Sunlight is also an integral part of your self-healing journey. As this study suggests sunlight affects mental health as well. Apart from this sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and improves sleep and immunity.

Breathing Correctly

Many of us breathe incorrectly. Deep and rhythmic breathing promotes better digestive health and reinvigorates the digestive system to improve overall health.

In the case of Crohn’s and Colitis, the bowels are inflamed and digestive health is diminished. But only healthy eating habits are not sufficient to heal the body. The self-healing or rejuvenation process depends on nutrition, rest, exercise, and mental health among other things. Make sure your self-healing efforts are holistic to see the results.