Seeking Shade In Style

There’s no better way to spend the summer months than by soaking up some rays in your backyard. However, sometimes the elements can get a little too much. You should never have to cut your time entertaining or enjoying your outdoor areas short because of a lack of shade. From the humble outdoor umbrella to awnings and shade cloths, shade solutions can be stylish and functional.

outdoor umbrella


Outdoor umbrella

People have been using umbrellas for shade for years. From retro designs and bright pops of colour. Paired back neutral tones, or tassels and patterns. Whether your outdoor umbrella is purely functional or a way to add to your aesthetics, they’re a great way to seek a bit of shade in your outdoor areas. They go perfectly over dining areas and can usually be moved around or propped up anywhere.  Umbrellas are versatile and easy to install. Pack them away in the colder months or bring them out for garden parties. They can be perfectly tailored to suit your needs and home too.

outdoor umbrella


Shade sails

Shade sails are the perfect shade solution if you’re looking for something easy, affordable, and pretty low maintenance. They offer shade over larger areas and will protect your outdoor setting from harsh UV rays. Shade sails won’t protect you from heavy wind or rain but on a hot summer’s day they’ll give you the perfect amount of shade without compromising airflow or space.


Awnings are great at providing shade for areas close to your home. Things like balconies, verandahs, and decks that often share structural elements with your home are perfect for awnings. Much more of a permanent solution as they attach to walls or windows awnings still offer flexibility. Retract awnings for a little extra sun and simply wind them back over when you need some shade. Awnings can be made for a huge variety of materials too. Choose a material that suits the weather environment you live in and play around with colours or patterns that either compliment or contrast your home.


Sometimes the most obvious solutions are right under our noses. What better way to see shade in the garden than natures umbrella. Trees add a beautiful natural element to outdoor settings and you certainly don’t have to worry about them not fitting in with your garden. You can choose from a variety of trees, thicker foliage, flowers, fruit, big wide branches, or compact dense ones. Plant a cluster of small trees or a big one that will last years and years. 

Shades or blinds

Not every home is built or situated in the same way. This means the angles in which sun and glare can enter areas of your home or backyard are always different. Having blinds or shades around the edge of your outdoor areas mean you can block any unwanted weather conditions from any way they choose to strike. You can opt for clear materials so visibility isn’t compromised, or you can go for darker materials that will double as privacy screens.