See A Fertility Specialist When You Have These 6 Health Conditions

A fertility specialist is a gynaecologist or obstetrician who has a sound knowledge of human reproductive systems. And he/she treats people with infertility. Such a doctor offers all types of support to couples on their way to parenthood, from pregnancy planning to baby birth. The reproductive care or way to parenthood consists of infertility treatments, uterine problems, fertility preservation, and genetic diseases affecting future children. 

Usually, a couple sees an OB-gynaecologist as they plan to bring a child into their life.  Sometimes, it becomes hard for a couple to be parents of a cute & healthy baby due to several reasons. As a couple, you see the expert when you have no success in bringing a child into your married life naturally. Here are more on when you see an infertility expert or an obstetrician/gynaecologist:

1. You are familiar with your reproductive issues

Males and females are unable to be parents of a child due to several reasons. And reproductive problems are one of those reasons. If you know you have a reproductive issue, you should visit a doctor treating the same. Some common reproductive issues are as follows:

  • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • POI (Primary ovarian insufficiency)
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis

2. You are older than 40

Your age plays a crucial role in your parenthood journey. According to a study, being parents of a baby is not safe if couples are over 40. Several risks and issues may take place when you (female) try to be pregnant. You, males, also have fertility problems. Ageing has a greater impact on both quantity and quality of eggs and sperm. Any type of decline in sperm quality and quantity stops a male from making his partner pregnant. Similarly, a decline in egg quantity and quality increases the chances of having miscarriage in women over 40. You should consult a respective doctor before you plan to be parents if both of you are older than 40. 

3. You have thyroid problem 

A few studies state that each in eight females has a thyroid issue in her life. And approximately 60% of them don’t know that they have it. The commonest thyroid problem is under-active thyroid, which causes hypothyroidism. And due to this, women have a lower level of thyroid hormones that cause them to have irregularities in their MCs. further, it impacts ovulation.

You should have a close watch on the level of your thyroid hormones before you plan being pregnant if you know you have it. An experienced fertility specialist can help you conceive and be available for your support during your pregnancy period.   

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4. You have been trying to be parents for more than 12 months

You should visit a doctor if you haven’t been successful in being parents even after having unprotected sex for more than a year. For couples older than 35, the time to consult an infertility doctor is more than 6 months. The specialist will help you know whether you or your partner have infertility. Further, he/she suggests you have a baby through ART (assisted reproductive technology and can refer you to the best IVF doctor. 

5. You have numerous miscarriages 

As per an estimate, 15-20 percent of all pregnant women have to face miscarriages. Having miscarriages is hard to experience. However, they don’t reflect infertility. You should consult a respective doctor for an evaluation if you face two or more miscarriages. Your miscarriages might be due to genetic issues, anatomic problems, altered hormone levels, infection, cervical issues or other underlying medical issues. 

6. You have had cancer treatments 

Cancer treatment can affect your (female’s) fertility based on your age, medicine dosages, and the type of treatment. With the support of an expert, you can go for your fertility preservation if you have just gone through a cancer treatment. The expert will provide suitable advice after your evaluation if you have already had cancer treatment.      


Being parents becomes tough for some couples. You should consult a fertility specialist if you find you haven’t succeeded in being parents naturally. The expert will evaluate both of you and advise what you should do to bring a healthy and cute baby into your life. 

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