Security and monitoring with a video surveillance Security System

Are you a home owner, a condominium or office administrator, or a business owner and want more security and monitoring? Installing video surveillance Security System could be the right choice for you, to keep the bad guys out and make your spaces less attractive targets.

Given the importance of the service, the detail of the privacy rules, and also the wide and diversified online offer of information and products, we have decided to create this guide for you. We have collected and summarized all the useful information and detailed prices regarding the installation of video surveillance, to guide you towards an intelligent purchase and to provide you with all the elements necessary to make an informed request. Following our investigation, carried out among the best professionals in the sector, we are sure that we can give you the following indications regarding the cost of installing video surveillance.

Video surveillance Security System camera installation

The design and installation of video surveillance systems have very variable costs, which can depend on the following factors:

System extension (external or internal): the most intuitive element regards the size of the system. The larger the area you want to cover, the greater the labor required for connecting the cables and installing the cameras, as well as the number of the latter and the modulators. In this aspect, the difference between the installation of video surveillance for the interior and the exterior must also be considered : in addition to greater attention to the regulations, which we will discuss later, the difference in the system must also be taken into account, since in general the outdoor cameras are more robust and weatherproof, and consequently more expensive.

Type of video surveillance cameras: the increasing demand for video surveillance systems has led to the development of cameras of different types. To give an example, both fixed and motorized cameras are commercially available: the former are suitable for monitoring limited areas, such as entrances, while the latter lend themselves to greater freedom of positioning and zooming. A further difference also lies in the type of connection with the central unit of the video surveillance system. The analog ones, for example, are cheaper than the digital ones, since unlike the former they can transmit a regenerable signal even over long distances, and produce movies in digital format. There are also LAN and cameras wireless cameras : in the former, the LAN cable can not only transmit the video signal, but can also allow you to manage the camera remotely; the latter are now among the most popular, also because of the easy configurability and control from mobile devices.

Centralized control and recording system: in case of video surveillance installation, both in the home and in commercial or office activities, it will be necessary to install a central unit through which to view the images of the video surveillance camera. The price of the central units varies according to the complexity of the control system.

Smart system and connected to devices : the most modern software and surveillance systems now have increasingly smart functions , such as sending text messages to mobile devices, or self-powering systems in the event of power surges.

Video surveillance Security System for offices and commercial activities: legislation

The installation of video surveillance is also regulated with regard to commercial activities and offices. A company that wants to install video surveillance cameras in Chicago, must not only comply with the positioning, signage and system management obligations, but also appoint a manager to manage the recorded data. Positioning in the workplace must also be authorized by the Inspectorate in charge. In the case of commercial activities, there are also obligations related to customer privacy.

Video surveillance for the house and condominium

Installing video surveillance in your own home is a choice that must however be taken in compliance with the law and legislation governing privacy. Since 2004, the Privacy Guarantor has established four principles to be respected:

  1. Lawfulness principle (collection and use of photos only if necessary for legal obligations; allowed only for protection, prevention and safety purposes; it is not possible to monitor public spaces such as the sidewalk or the street in front of the house, and in particular private third spaces ).
  2. Principle of necessity
  3. Proportionality principle
  4. Purpose principle (the owner of the video surveillance system can only pursue purposes that concern him)

Video surveillance systems: the advantages

The installation of a video surveillance system has several advantages. In fact, it acts as a deterrent for the bad guys, as a tool for the control and monitoring of the surrounding environment (provided within the private area) in the event of accidents, and for the control of people who are not self-sufficient (the elderly, the disabled, and children) and pets. Furthermore, with the most modern devices, it is possible to create connections on mobile devices such as Smartphone or tablets .

Video surveillance installation: quality and savings on Getstealth

At this point in the guide you will have acquired all the useful information on the installation of video surveillance systems, the legislation in force and the factors that influence the price, from the type of system to the most advanced functions, obviously passing through its extension in size. After reading this guide, you can contact your installer and make a request for a quote that respects your needs as much as possible.

But there is more. In addition to providing you with detailed knowledge of the price factors of the installation of the video surveillance system, we at Getstealth offer you the opportunity to get in touch with the best installers in your area. Simply send a request: it is free and without obligation, and will allow you to receive, usually within 24 hours of sending, the quotes of the installers registered on our platform, all rigorously verified and certified at the time of registration.



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