Securing the Future: Our Journey with a Special Needs Trust Attorney

As parents of a child with special needs, the myriad of challenges we face daily are not only centered on the present but also heavily focused on the uncertain future. Our paramount concern has always been ensuring that our child enjoys a quality of life that is both fulfilling and secure, especially after we are no longer able to provide care. The turning point in our journey was the decision to establish a special needs trust, guided by the expertise of a special needs trust attorney. This decision not only provided us peace of mind but also safeguarded our child’s financial future without jeopardizing their eligibility for vital government benefits like Medicaid or SSI.

The Potential Consequences of Not Establishing a Trust

Without a special needs trust, any assets passed directly to our child could disqualify them from receiving government assistance. These programs have strict asset limits, and surpassing them—even with well-intentioned inheritances—could result in the loss of critical benefits. This scenario was our greatest fear; not because of the financial implications alone, but because these benefits are crucial for our child’s medical care and overall well-being. The thought of our child facing the world without this safety net was unthinkable.

Discovering the Importance of a Special Needs Trust

Our journey began with research and countless discussions with other parents in similar situations. The consensus was clear: securing a special needs trust attorney was not just advisable; it was necessary. This trust would allow us to leave assets to our child without those assets being counted against them for eligibility purposes. Essentially, it was a way to provide for our child’s supplemental needs beyond what government benefits could cover, ensuring they would not have to face a compromised quality of life.

The Process of Finding and Working with a Special Needs Trust Attorney

Finding the Right Attorney

Our search for an attorney was exhaustive. We sought someone not only with expertise in special needs trusts but also with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families like ours. After numerous consultations, we found an attorney whose compassion and experience resonated with us.

Initial Consultation

Our initial meeting with the special needs trust attorney was enlightening. They took the time to understand our concerns, our child’s needs, and our financial situation. It was a comprehensive discussion that laid the foundation for the trust.

Drafting the Trust

The process of drafting the trust was meticulous. Our attorney guided us through deciding on the trust’s terms, including the selection of a trustee, the specifics of distributions, and how to fund the trust. Their expertise was invaluable in ensuring the trust was tailored to our child’s unique needs and future requirements.

Finalizing and Managing the Trust

Finalizing the trust was a significant milestone in our journey. Our attorney ensured that all legal requirements were met and that the trust was properly funded. They also advised us on managing the trust and keeping it updated to reflect any changes in our family’s situation or in the law.

Ongoing Relationship

Our relationship with our attorney didn’t end with the establishment of the trust. They’ve become an ongoing source of support and advice, helping us navigate the complexities of managing the trust and ensuring it continues to serve our child’s best interests.


Establishing a special needs trust for our child was one of the most critical decisions we’ve made as parents. It was a process that required not just financial investment but also emotional resilience. The guidance and expertise of our special needs trust attorney were indispensable in this process, providing us with the reassurance that our child’s future is secure. For any parent in a similar situation, we cannot overstate the importance of finding a trusted attorney to guide you through this vital process.

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