Securing a Patent for Your Innovation in Australia

Securing a patent for a new technology in Australia is a crucial step to protect your intellectual property and gain exclusive rights to your invention. The process may appear complex, but understanding the key steps involved can help streamline your journey towards patent approval. In this article, we provide an overview of the patent application process in Australia, ensuring you’re well-prepared to safeguard your innovation.

Determine Patentability:

Before embarking on the patent application process, it’s essential to ascertain the eligibility of your technology for a patent. In Australia, three main criteria must be met: novelty, an inventive step, and industrial applicability. This means your invention must be new, non-obvious, and capable of practical use.

To confirm the novelty of your invention, a prior art search is imperative. Utilize resources like the Australian Patents Office’s online databases and international patent databases to identify any similar inventions. This step is vital as it helps you assess the uniqueness of your innovation.

Draft a Patent Application:

Crafting a detailed and comprehensive patent application is the next crucial step. Your application should provide a thorough description of your invention, including its functionality, technical specifications, and any visual aids, such as drawings or diagrams, to illustrate its workings effectively.

Choose the Right Type of Patent:

Australia offers two primary types of patents: standard patents and innovation patents. Your choice should align with the nature of your invention and your long-term goals.

  • Standard Patent: This option offers robust protection but demands a higher level of inventiveness. Standard patents can secure your innovation for up to 20 years.
  • Innovation Patent: Easier to obtain and offering protection for up to 8 years, innovation patents are suitable for inventions that may not meet the inventive step requirement for a standard patent.

File the Application:

Submit your patent application to IP Australia, the government agency responsible for overseeing intellectual property rights. The application process is now streamlined online through their website, simplifying the submission process.


IP Australia will scrutinize your patent application to ensure it meets all necessary requirements. During this phase, you may receive feedback and may need to make amendments to your application to address any issues raised by the examiners.


Once your application is accepted, it will be published in the Australian Official Journal of Patents. This step is significant, as it makes your invention’s details available to the public.

Opposition Period:

Following publication, there is a three-month window during which third parties can oppose the grant of your patent. This is a critical period to address any challenges to your patent.


If there are no oppositions or if they are resolved in your favor, IP Australia will grant your patent. Congratulations, your invention is now officially protected!


Securing a patent isn’t the end of the road; it requires ongoing maintenance. To keep your patent in force, you must pay annual maintenance fees.

Securing a patent for your new technology in Australia is a rewarding but intricate process. It’s highly advisable to seek legal advice or consult a patent attorney or agent with expertise in intellectual property law such as BRM Patent Attorneys. Their guidance can help you navigate the complexities of the patent system, ensure your application is well-prepared, and increase your chances of successfully protecting your innovation in Australia. 

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