Secrets for Getting Your Posts Appear on the Instagram Explore Page

If you want to start getting more Instagram likes, then you have to make your posts appear on the Explore. Every influencer is aware of this, and for this reason, they are trying to optimize their content for increased engagement. The Instagram algorithm values posts that have a high engagement rate that includes likes and comments. In addition to this, the algorithm also checks the number of saves and shares that each post has. Only the most engaging content reaches the Explore page.

A trick that many influencers use is that they visit the best site to buy Instagram followers, which is, to boost their accounts. Apart from this, they are boosting their content with strategies that affect the engagement rate. In this article, you are going to learn what you need to do to get your posts on the Instagram Explore page.

#1 Create Shoppable Posts

If your Instagram account aims to sell products from your e-shop, then you need to start using shoppable posts. This is a new introduction to the platform that can boost the sales of your e-shop. This type of post is connected to the shop you have created on Instagram, which is a new way to generate sales directly through the social media platform. Moreover, shoppable posts have a distinct tab on the Explore page, which increases your chances of reaching your goal.

#2 Interact with Your Audience

The best way to increase the engagement of your posts and get more Instagram likes is to interact with your audience. Once your followers start feeling closer to you, they will be more inclined to like and leave comments on your posts. Moreover, they will start tagging you in posts, and this interaction will benefit you in multiple ways. An easy way to interact with your audience is to utilize the Story stickers that you have at your disposal.

#3 Get an Instagram Ad for the Explore Page

If you can afford to spend more money than just visiting the best site to buy Instagram followers, then you can invest in Instagram advertising. In fact, you can purchase ads for the Explore page, a strategy that guarantees great exposure and wide reach. However, keep in mind that this is an expensive option. You can have the same results by visiting to buy all the engagement you need for your Instagram account, such as likes, followers, and views.

#4 Create More Video Content

In recent years, it has been proven that video content tends to get more Instagram likes compared to the other types of posts. In addition to this, videos have an auto-play feature, which makes it easier for them to accumulate a huge number of views. This means that the engagement of videos on the platform is higher than that of other posts, and they are more likely to end on the Explore page. Moreover, if you upload IGTV videos you benefit from a larger Explore page thumbnail.

#5 Interact with Other Accounts in Your Niche

One more way to increase the traffic of your account is to interact with other creators in your niche. Find influencers that are similar to you and like and comment on their posts. Try to start a conversion with them, which will attract their attention. Then, they will visit your profile and do the same for you. This strategy can also lead to collaboration between you, which will benefit you a lot. If you want a little push in this strategy, then you can simply visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.

#6 Study the Posts that Are Already in the Explore Page

Your Explore page is a great indicator of the type of content that your audience enjoys. All of the posts there have high engagement that means that users like to interact with them. For this reason, your Explore page should be your guide on the type of content that you need to create. This way, you can enjoy more Instagram likes and have a better chance at landing on the Explore page. No matter what your inspiration is, make sure that you always stay within your niche.

#7 Post When Your Audience is Online

When you post an image or video on Instagram, you can figure out how successful it will be from the likes it gets within the first hour. For this reason, it is important to post your content only when you know that your audience is on the platform. Unfortunately, there is no rule that defines when that time is since each audience has its unique characteristics. The only way to find this information out is to study your Instagram analytics. Moreover, you can get auto-likes from, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.

#8 Tag Relevant Accounts to Your Posts

Another strategy that can benefit you immediately and in the long run is to tag relevant accounts in your posts. By doing this, your posts will appear on the profiles of these accounts, thus increasing your potential reach. Furthermore, if the creators like your posts, they might share them on their Stories, which is a big boost in your exposure. This strategy is amazing and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

#9 Update Your Stories Often

Instagram Stories are the most popular feature on the platform. Many users prefer to watch their Stories, rather than check their feed. For this reason, you need to update your Stories often to stay in touch with your audience. Moreover, this feature is a great tool to boost your relationship with your followers as you can interact directly with them.

#10 Never Repost Content

Lastly, it is important to remember that the Instagram algorithm will now show reposted content on the Explore page. Taking this into consideration, you should only repost content on your Stories and not on your feed.

These tips will help you reach the Explore page and maximize your reach. If you want quicker growth, you have to visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.


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