Sébastien Haller is the top scorer in the 2020/2021 League Cup

Sébastien Haller is a forward who showed himself perfectly in the championships of Germany and the Netherlands. However, he did not manage to play to 100% in the EPL. By the way, it is possible to follow this championship via mobile live. The schedule of matches is very tight, but you will not miss a single encounter.

Although Haller failed to live up to expectations at West Ham, there were some bright spots in his game. For example, he was the top scorer in the 2020/2021 season of the League Cup. He had four accurate shots on his account. 

he Hammers were already eliminated in the 1/8 of the finals despite the forward’s good performance. It wasn’t Haller’s fault, though. He had a great campaign. The forward moved to Ajax during that season. By the way, you can follow the success of this club live, even through your mobile device.

Haller felt very confident in the League Cup matches. Of course, this is partly due to the level of the opponents. They are noticeably lower there than in the EPL. Nevertheless, the forward’s achievement should not be diminished. He can surely take credit for that campaign. The individual award is the best proof of that.

What helped Haller win the scoring race?

Haller played only three matches in the tournament. However, he managed to score 4 times in the opponents’ gate. This perfectly reflects the mindset with which the player went into each match. Moreover, the livescore of the Hammers’ current matches is easy to watch in a convenient format on the sports statistics website. All the games are covered here.

Returning to Haller’s achievement, it is important to mention that it was made possible thanks to:

  1. A well-placed shot. Sébastien’s shot is strong. He proved that he can score against rivals of a higher level. Just a year after leaving West Ham, the player showed himself spectacularly in the Champions League, playing for Ajax.
  2. The ability to choose the right position on the field. The striker was always in a good position and could outrun defenders thanks to this.
  3. Good chemistry with his partners. His tandem with Andriy Yarmolenko looked especially good.

Unfortunately, Haller was unable to realize his potential in the EPL, so he stayed at West Ham for a relatively short time. However, his brilliant and prolific play in the League Cup remained forever in history.

Nowadays, it is easy to watch the livescore of the matches of this tournament on the sports statistics website. The schedule of matches is very tight, but now you can follow them live and be the first to react to the changes that occur in the arenas.

As for West Ham, although the Hammers were knocked out of the League Cup at an early stage (already in the ⅛ final) in the 2020/2021 season, however, the striking performances of the club’s leaders will surely remain in history.