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During the years 2022–2032, the market for seam welding equipment is anticipated to grow steadily at a CAGR of 3.8%. The market for seam welding machines is expected to reach US$ 1,415.6 million in 2022 and reach US$ 2,055.5 million by 2032.

The expansion of the seam welding machine market is being driven by the rising demand from end users in the building and infrastructure, consumer durables, and transportation industries. Additionally, it is anticipated that through 2032, there will be a growth in the usage of seam welding machines in the construction and infrastructure sectors as well as increased demand for new cars and aeroplanes.

The seam welding equipment produces a weld that is incredibly durable. This machine may produce a perfectly welded junction that is stronger than the material from which it was made. As a result, this element is driving the market share of seam welding machines.

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As long as the technique and the seam welding machine are profitable, the market for seam welding devices is expected to expand. But with this apparatus, welding is only feasible along a predetermined curve or line. Welding becomes challenging when sheets that need to be put together are thicker than 3 mm, which limits the market growth for seam welding machines.

Additionally, due to the disc-shaped electrodes’ inability to apply the necessary consistent pressure, this machine cannot weld obstruction-causing metal sheets with uneven surfaces. Respiratory issues brought on by welding coated metals and steels pose another difficulty for the market for seam welding machines.

What are the Restraining Factors in the Seam Welding Machine Market?

The following are some of the limitations or disadvantages of seam welding machines, which are likely to restrain the market growth.

  • Limited weld lines: Since seam welding apparatus consists of rollers, only straight line or uniformly curved line welds are possible.
  • Thickness limitations: There are limitations when it comes to the thickness of the sheets as seam welding can become quite cumbersome when the thickness of a single sheet is more than 3mm.

These factors are projected to affect the sales of seam welding machine during the forecast period.

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Key Market Segments in the Seam Welding Machine Market

By Mode:

  • Intermittent Seam Welding
  • Continuous Seam Welding

By Product Type:

  • Manual Seam Welding Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Seam Welding Machine
  • Automatic Seam Welding Machine

By Wheel-Contact:

  • Wide wheel seam
  • Narrow wheel seam
  • Consumable wire seam welding
  • Mash seam welding
  • Foil butt seam welding

By End-Use Industry:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction Industry
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA
  • Europe

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