Scouting For Best Infertility Doctor in Delhi

Searching for an infertility doctor can be unnerving. The issue of infertility is an important topic to be tackled. We often start questioning our bodily functions as we grow older. Infertility is not necessarily a subject of the older aged group. Consequently, the idea to start rummaging the concept becomes somewhat inevitable.

If you have a curious bone in your body, you can start reaching out to specialists. This type of search is also informative. Similarly, if you are facing issues along with your partner regarding fertility, a consultation can begin. Doctor consultation is just the first step but an important one nonetheless. 

Who can Be the Best Infertility Doctor in Delhi for You?

If you are located in the Delhi NCR area, you might find it easier to connect to doctors there. Many residents move from one city to another. Hence, steady contact is simpler. Comfortable meeting with the doctor is a must. The experience can be effortless for you only if you connect well.  

If you feel that you do not resonate with the specific doctor, always feel free to stop. This is a good way for you to find the best infertility doctor in South Delhi and other areas. The best doctor here is the one that is well associated with your needs as a patient. 

Listing the Details for Easy Access

Here is a list of doctors for an infertility consultation. Any satisfactory doctor you find will be the best infertility doctor for you. Your connection is foremost important. 

  1. Dr. Sadhana Kala

Delhi, New Delhi 

FICOG, FACS (USA), FIAMS, AAGL (USA – Robotics & Laparoscopic Surgery), MS

  1. Dr. Sadhana Kala is the Chief emeritus & Sr Consultant Gynaecologist. The location is in Moolchand Medcity & Apollo Cradle Royale Hospital in New Delhi.
  2. The best infertility specialist in Delhi NCR can be consulted if you resonate with the doctor. 
  3. Here, Dr. Sadhana Kala is a gold medallist and silver medallist. She is also the youngest professor in any existing medical institution. 
  4. She is an endoscopic surgeon and a national icon in the country. 
  5. Her specialisation includes Laparoscopic surgery – Hysterectomy, Fertility Enhancing, Cystectomy, Myomectomy. Hysteroscopy Surgery- Myomectomy and Polypectomy. She is also an expert in Fibroid, PCOD/PCOS, Cysts, and Polyps Treatment. 
  6. Dr. Sadhana Kala has performed more than 1000 pregnancy cases and delivered.
  7. She is a trained professional also catering to menopause, women’s cancer, and gynecological treatment.

2. Dr. Parul Sehgal

Janakpuri, West Delhi 

MBBS, MS (Obs & Gyn), Medical Registration Verified

  • Dr. Parul Sehgal is a Gynaecologist and an Assisted Reproductive Consultant. 
  • Specialised in Male and Female Fertility, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Her specialisation also includes Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy Surgery, Sperm Retrieval Techniques, and Fertility Enhancing Medication.
  • The best infertility specialist in Delhi NCR area comprises doctors like Dr. Parul Sehgal.
  • She is trained in IVF and Infertility Treatment. 
  • Expert in Fertility Treatment, Dr. Parul Sehgal is in charge of IVF in Maharaja Agrasen Infertility and ART centre.
  • With 25 years of experience in practice, Dr. Parul Sehgal is also a member of premier organisations for medicine. The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, and Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, and Federation are examples. 
  • The consultation fee for Dr. Parul Sehgal is 500 Rs. 

3. Dr. Brigadier R K Sharma

Chanakyapuri, Delhi

MBBS, MD (Obs & Gyn), VSM 

  • Brigadier R K Sharma is a specialist for IVF in the Delhi region.
  • He is specialised in Infertility Treatment, Endometriosis, Tubular Deficiency, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Endoscopy.
  • He is also the best infertility doctor in Delhi NCR area for you to contact.
  • He has experience with over 15000 IVF cases.  
  • Dr. Brigadier R K Sharma is an advisor for different ART Programmes in both Government and Private Institutions.
  • As a male patient, if you are more comfortable with a male doctor, you can consult Dr. Brigadier R K Sharma. 
  •  The consultation fee is 700 Rs.

4. Dr. Rita Bakshi 

Green Park, Delhi, Kathmandu Nepal

MBBS, MD (Obs & Gyn), DGO 

  • Dr. Rita Bakshi is a renowned doctor for women’s health and fertility. 
  • She has experience in different areas of treatment. IVF, IUI, Ovulatory Disorders Recurrent Miscarriage, ICSI, Endometriosis, and Surrogacy are included. 
  • Dr. Rita Bakshi has performed more than 1000 cases of IVF, annually. She has also performed 3000 Hysterectomies and more than 6000 Caesarean Sections.
  • Best infertility specialist in Delhi NCR will be the doctor that performs with precision and your trust. 
  • Dr. Rita Bakshi had a success rate of 85% for egg donor surrogacy. 
  • She is also a pioneer in the IVF field. About 4000 successful IVF cycles are credited to her.
  • The consultation fee is 1000 Rs.

Consultation With the Doctor Can Be for Anyone 

The list of specialists and doctors helps take the initial step easily. If you are married and looking to expand the family, you can consult the infertility doctor here. If you are a curious adult who needs to know about one’s health, you can simply make an appointment. You can get in touch with the suitable and best gynecologist in Delhi NCR and other areas.