Scottish Sporran | What Type of Sporran To Wear?

What is a Sporran?

Kilts aren’t equipped with pockets, meaning that you can’t keep personal belongings while wearing the kilt. For instance, food, money or mobile, and thus the need for a sporran came into existence. A Sporran is an essential part in the traditional Highland Dress which is made from fur or leather and can be worn to enhance the formality of the clothing worn. A Scottish Sporran is a sporran that has a chain or strap made of leather which is typically placed to the side of the body and against the hip. At a wedding reception, dinner dance or any other event in which dancing is required it is normal to put it on your hip.

The usage of a sporran goes back to Scottish times and was used in times of war to keep track of things that were required. In addition to being practical in appearance, it can be used as a decorative piece. They are available in a range of styles. various designs and some are more elaborate than others. Some have embroidery, however the majority of them feature one or three tassels, of any kind, and this is particularly the case with semi-full-dress sporrans.

Rabbit Fur Sporran

How come sporrans generally come with three different Tassels?

It is believed that it is a way to remember how traditional sporran closures would look, which is why it’s a part of the past. This is why most sporrans come with at least two tassels. However, some will have 3 or 4. They’re not only stylish however, they permit you to show off the heritage of Scottish history through putting one in your belt for the entire world to be able to see. At their earliest stages the first sporrans were seen when the sporran mocha, which is also known as the Rabbit’s Fur was discovered to prominence in the early 18th century.

“The tassels were introduced first by the military during this time period”

Horse Hair Sporran

The majority of sporrans had flap tops with large Tassels, with three generally used. Later, different kinds of hair were added such as horse hair and hair from foxes. Nowadays, you can purchase authentic or Horse Hair Sporran to like the ones used in the past. In addition to their aesthetic value Tassels, as well as other ornaments, serve a function.

They can distinguish one type of sporran from another with regards to their formal or casual style. Full-dress Sporrans usually contain at least three tassels. It can also have up to six tassels. The sporrans are usually embellished with metal designs all over.

Semi Dress Leather Sporran

Semi-dress Leather Sporran It is generally made from fur, but it is common to see three tassels. Tassels aren’t a common feature on sporrans for everyday wear that aren’t used for other occasions apart from going out in the evening. Sometimes, casual sporrans might include a few tassels, just to keep with tradition. The motivations for the first tassels on sporrans might be practical, but they’re still as fashionable today as they were in the past.

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