Scott Jason Cooper For Cryptocurrency Consulting And Investment

Scott Jason Cooper is the CEO of Miami-based cryptocurrency consultancy, since 2018. He has been consulting high-volume bitcoin traders, which is a huge challenge. Traders attain more advanced knowledge about cryptocurrency that is causing a revolution across the globe. 

Scott Jason Cooper educates clients about blockchain fundamentals, how it is valuable to society, and the strategies to monitor, transfer and keep your coins securely. The cryptocurrency phenomenon was initiated in 2009 by the anonymous programmer with a penname Satoshi Nakamoto. The digital currency has evolved massively, which can be seen with the rise and fall of cryptocurrency value in the trading market. 

Traders approach Scott Jason Cooper for his expert advice on digital currency investment because since 2020 Bitcoin gradually reached new heights. Digital currency value swung wildly in December 2017, and the rates were $19,000. However, in a couple of weeks it collapsed to $3,400. This wild fluctuation is assumed to be due to other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum. Each investment carries a certain degree of risk. Scott educates traders about the risks before they invest in a crypto asset. Crypto investment carries the odds of earning huge returns and even incurring massive losses.

Cryptocurrency trading is different from traditional forex and the stock market, which has been active for more than a century. Cryptocurrencies have no central exchange for selling and buying. SEC [Securities & Exchange Commission] in the US has rejected the cryptocurrency exchange application. 

At the moment cryptocurrency trading and using as a payment method is growing but the uncertainty is a huge risk. No one can tell if the cryptocurrency will be globally accepted or not. The government in El Salvador officially supports cryptocurrency payment. A law has been passed that bounds each business in El Salvador to accept digital currency payment. 

On the other hand, in the United States, few businesses approve cryptocurrency payments. According to a survey, only 2,300 companies in the US out of more than 30 million accept digital currencies. This means that there is a small fraction of companies, which approves digital currency. Thus, in long term, it is crucial for cryptocurrencies to gain acceptance even if they have vast popularity. The confusion about cryptocurrencies’ survival along with their volatility makes them enormously risky assets. 

Due to their digital nature cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to online hacks. Scott Jason Cooper offers tips to his clients about how to securely save their coins in digital wallets. Lost bitcoins or crypto coins cannot be retrieved, so it is wise to gain professional knowledge about handling digital wallets before investing. 

As cryptocurrency is in its initial stage, there is hardly any survey or evidence-based research regarding its investment like traditional trading instruments. Therefore, no one can carry the long-term historical analysis of Bitcoin performance like gold and fiat currencies. It is sensible to consult experts before investing in crypto coins. Currently, the crypto world is unchartered territory, even if worldwide investors are caught in the crypto-mania circle. 

Watch Scott Jason Cooper’sYouTube videos about cryptocurrency trading. He even talks about the whales of Bitcoins and their activities. Listen to how bitcoin investment has evolved!