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Creator Silence, for 4 hours at one weekend per month.

Increasingly scientists are becoming aware that the mainstream vision of scientific materialism is a too narrow view on reality, and is not going to bring us relevant breakthroughs in understanding nature, and the refined non-violent technologies to solve the great problems that are bringing this world to the edge of total collapse. We might be willing to accept that there exists an immaterial science with a focus on studying the truth of the innate self, the incorporeal source of that, and our relationship with that source. And when we are able to see that this is indeed a science, since it has a method, and it leads to consistent results in the form of experiences that are reproducible in time and for different practitioners in different geographical locations, then we might come to the inevitable conclusion that the material – and the immaterial science need to unite, to bring us further.

The experience of the Raja Yoga of the Brahma Kumaris practiced at Mount Abu, India and in many countries over the whole world, gives us the method of this unification: both recognizing their immaterial root cause, and then their effect and task in the material, including the entire universe.

The ONE provenance of the perfect existence of both is an immeasurable tiny spark of immaterial light, the absolutely innocent, so unconditional highest creator essence, with liberating effect on human consciousness and subatomic, so atomic matter.

Aware, that now a time has come, in which humanity no longer is able to learn through lectures or dialogues, but through conscious experiences in the individual and collective immaterial fields of consciousness, SCIENCE IN SILENCE, offered at the hand of THE DIVINE, is an Experiential shortcut Retreat for Scientists responsible for the promotion of THE UNCONDITIONALLY GOOD, T H E NON-VIOLENT.

The content is connected to the fact that we are living in the flow of an intense transformation of the world, leading into a new era of elevated original awareness. Just as a seed contains the significance to grow a complete tree, the new consciousness contains the significance to reconstruct this era of truth, inherent goodness, and non-violence.

With this increasing experience of the responsibility to adopt new consciousness, humanity will re-adopt its right to an individual link with the reality of the DIVINE, and in this experience a release of all its hidden, inherent qualities of the exclusively GOOD, empowered by its true identity, not violable by false identity, and false, exploitative aims. Its mirror will be new scientific attainments, whose importance and value is recognized by those who awoke to a new incomparable, altruistic responsibility with new loving intelligence.

Transition means to adopt new ethics of a gentle complete form of non-violence from deep inside. Non-violence towards the entire creation, including ourselves, and non-violent technologies, through which the harmony in nature and the harmony among people can be re assigned, and stabilized anew. When we study our inner world in-depth, we may find that the material is a reflection of the immaterial. This means that to come to new refined and perfect solutions in the matter, we need to search at refined energetic levels in our inner self in connection with the most precious, brilliant, and perfect source, that is beyond matter. This type of searching happens in a state of deep inner silence where thoughts become stillness and truth can appear as an experience and as a r e an l long-lasting solution.


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All you need to do is …. nothing
All you need to be is …. quiet, lean back …. and absorb waves of tension-free non-violence, deep into yourself…

t h e e s s e n c e o f i m m a t e r i a l e x p e r i e n c e d i s p e l l s t h e d a r k n e s s o f m a t e r i a l a r r o g a n c e,
i g n o r a n c e a n d v i o l e n c e

dr. BK Tanno Vorenkamp
. Master of Science in elementary particle physics
. Ph.D. in experimental condensed matter physics
A permanent representative at the Team SCIENCE IN SILENCE