Scheduling for Safety: The Ultimate Guide for Safe Vacations

It is estimated that due to the Coronavirus that millions of vacations will be canceled. Then some are shifting their plans to fit the new normal lifestyle, and instead of canceling are enjoying a different type of holiday.

Are you tired of being on lockdown, and ready to do something fun? Vacations can be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, especially when properly planned. Let’s check out some guidelines for safe vacations, so you can get out of your house and hometown.

Safety Checklist

By now most of us have a daily checklist that we run through when we are leaving the house. Besides keys, wallet, and phone what else are you sure to grab on your way out of the door?

Instead of panicking, or letting anxiety creep in, simply make a list, and check it twice. It is better to be over-prepared, than under-prepared. Right?

What Not to Do

This vacation may look and feel a bit different from the ones from previous years. For instance, some businesses have either closed, have altered their hours, or now require a reservation to ensure that their capacity stays within regulations and that they can make sure patrons will be socially distanced.

Adapt to business closures and limited access by mapping out where you will go, and call ahead to check hours of operation. Inquire as to whether you will need a reservation, or if there are any special instructions that you will have to follow.

Plan Safe Vacations

Experts suggest choosing destinations that are within driving distance rather than flying to avoid airports and planes if you are concerned. Another smooth move would be to check the statistics of Covid cases in the area you want to travel to. And, choosing private renters such as those on Airbnb over hotels is also a safer bet.

Outdoor Excursions

Even though things have started to calm down and somewhat get back to feeling “normal,” these are still uncertain times for many people. And, everyday things that we used to take for granted are now precious commodities. You can’t just walk into a museum or movie theater and expect to purchase tickets for your entire family at any given time, now.

Outdoor activities make people feel safer and are often more easily accessible. State or national parks are great vacation ideas. They are esthetically pleasing, add a dash of history and education into your trip, and will keep you active while getting fresh air.

Something Different, Something Special

While some cruise lines have begun to play with the idea of requiring passengers to be vaccinated, there are cruise lovers who aren’t loving the idea of that, nor are they loving the idea of being back on a large cruise ship just yet. Rather than putting all of those restrictions and worries onto you and your family, do something different!

Check into your boat charter options. It’s private, it’s outdoor fun, and can be very affordable considering the luxury vibe it gives off.

Cheap Vacations

Looking to get away but don’t want to overspend? Going all out and spending a fortune on vacation is easy to do with the “treat yourself” mentality. But, cheaper vacations can be just as fun!

Post-Pandemic Travel

Travel is finally becoming a reality, again. With proper planning and precautions, you can get away from it all. Stay safe, be well, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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