Scented Candles – As Memory Serves

Ever captured a smell? Kept it in your memories since the first time, and it’s still there? Special memories are love. They bring back the happiness, letting us relive the moments repeatedly. And every time, with more joy. Special memories and scented candles are two things that, when combined together, can uplift your mood and relax your mind to a great extent. Check out this list of scented candles made with memory served around each of them!

1.No. 51 Secret Garden

Capturing the fragrance of pine, eucalyptus, incense, and olibanum- this scented candle is a serving of childhood memories packed into one. Imagine your garden- a subtle breeze blowing, tea brewing at a distance, the raw scent of the trees and flowers alike- that’s probably how this Secret Garden scented candle smells like. Intensely calming energy and the warmth of Taiwan streets are what string all the fragrances of this candle together.

Not just this, it’s a multi-layer journey with these candles. First, you go through the fresh smells of eucalyptus and pine. Then, as the candle starts to melt, you dive deep into the ocean of vanilla, tea, moss, geranium, and clove- a soothing effect following through your entire being. Towards the end, you strike the chord, calmness hovering over you at its best with the subtle smell of cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood completing the experience.

Find your peace with this signature scent, all at a budget price of $78!

2.No. 2598 The Ranch

Travel, scent, and memories- all find their way back to our lives. What do you imagine when you think of a ranch? Reminisce the last time you went there, every last bit of smell your senses enjoyed. Now put all of it in a candle- that’s the scent of this special No. 2598. Warm and inviting, that’s how a ranch feels. Right? It also gives our heart a little excitement, a little curiosity of its own.

The No. 2598 takes you through the nostalgia of tobacco and old books, traversing to the smell of old leather and olibanum, sandalwood, and amber from the fireplace as it melts. It hits right with the ‘happiness angels,’ ending on a subtle note of suede and cedarwood.

Once you experience the freshness of the greens and the old world calm of these special memories and scented candles, you wouldn’t be able to resist the effect they have on you.

3.No. 1 The Beginning

Remember the time you’d travel to grandpa for the summers? Hot afternoons spent in the calming shade of orchids and grandpa stories- that’s how our summers went by, didn’t they? And before we knew, it was time to go back home.

However, we took back the travel time, scent, and memories with us. It has the freshness of aerangis and jasmine. It carries with itself the charm of Sampaguita, roses, and lilies. And the candle melts away- spreading the calm and comfort of the white flowers, sandalwood, and musk. It’s the closest scented version of the warmth of a cashmere blanket and the fun memories with grandpa!